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Saturday, September 11, 2010

All Wound Up.....

Tessie made me do it..... I didn't get very far on the workroom cleaning yesterday after all. Tessie spotted her personal wardrobe sewing box and demanded to have that cleaned first.

The other day my friend Debi suggested in an e mail that Tessie hadn't had a wardrobe change in a while. She also said that she didn't think that Tessie looked too good in yellow. Oops.

When Tessie reads something like that, she immediately goes into a snit and starts hassling me about new clothes.

Well.....I cleaned out the sewing box and guess what? Tessie surprised me. She found one of her old dresses that was a favorite and then dug up the apron that I made her that matches the workroom wallpaper border. That made the job easy for me.

Clean sewing box and "new" old clothes.

While I was finishing up, Tessie found the rugs that I have been experimenting with. As soon as she spotted the blue one, she claimed it for the workroom.

She then lost interest in rugs and went bouncing into the workroom and asked Zar, "Can you see me now?" She has been watching too many of those phone commercials....You remember the ones where the guy keeps asking "Can you hear me now?"

Zar answered, "Yes." and she would move to a different spot in the room and ask again. This went on until Zar couldn't stand it another minute and left. He took Beau with him and a mysterious green bowl that was on the second shelf of the bookcase.

He should have known that she wouldn't let it go at that. She followed him out to see what he was going to do next. He turned on her and growled, "If you don't stop it, I won't show you how to work the microwave oven.

That shut her up for about 10 seconds. Then she started in with, "What's in the bowl? What are you cooking? Is it something for my lunch? It looks kind of icky....." She seemed doubtful about the edibility of the contents of the little green bowl.

When they got to the table where he had been working, he placed the bowl on the turntable and started to wind the knob on the side.

Tessie opened the door and peered inside. Beau was unusually interested in what was happening too.....

Zar finished winding and told Tessie, "You will have to close the door or it won't work.

She quickly complied. Asking, "So what's in the bowl?"

Zar replied sheepishly, in a small, quiet voice...."Beau's lunch. He won't eat cold dog food."

"DOG FOOD? You have the nerve to put rancid old dog food in my microwave? How dare you?"

Remember the snit that I mentioned before. This was decidedly worse. Let's just say that the dog food never got warm and both dog and man were told to leave the premises.

She lugged the oven up to the workroom and cleaned it to within an inch of it's life. Then she put a padlock on it's door. I think that Zar is presently searching for another way to heat dog food.

I honestly can't say that I blame her for objecting. It doesn't sound to appetizing to me either.

OK, I guess it is back to ye old workroom now.

See you tomorrow.


Clara said...

Siempre tenenemos cosas sin terminar, menos mal que Tessie ha encontrado las alfombras. Ahí hay muchs puntos hechos ya, es una pena que no siguieras.
Besos Clara

Caseymini said...

Clara, they all get finished sooner or later. I just can't work on one thing at a time. It is more interesting to do it a little at a time.

Jean Day said...

LOL, I love Tessie in blue, no wonder she liked the blue carpet, it looks so nice. She really has to watch Zar, I bet she don't let him near her scissors either. ♥Jean

Debbie said...

Dog food in the microwave, well that's a new one. LOL x