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Monday, September 27, 2010

Four Legs and a Table Is Born......

Have I mentioned that I hate cleaning the workroom? Have I also mentioned that I will let any minor thing distract me from cleaning said workroom? I do... and I will.

Tessie and friends are still partying. They didn't invite me, so I am doing laundry and in between loads, cleaning the workroom.....Trying anyway.

As I was putting things away, I found an unopened package of four turned legs. I put them in the "wood to be put away" pile and went about my business.

Then I found an 8" length of molding. It also went into the "wood to be put away" pile.

It was fate. How could I fight it when I found a scrap of 3/32" bass wood just big enough for a table top, with just a smidgen of trimming.

So much for cleaning. I left the legs long. They were 2 1/2" to be specific. I took the eight inch piece of molding and cut it into four pieces. Two pieces were 2 3/4" long and two were 1 1/4" long.

I glued the legs and the molding together for the bottom of the table. I used the gluing jig to hold them in place until they were dry. Oh. I forgot to say that I stained all of the pieces before gluing.

I then cut a piece for the top that was 3 1/2" by 2". I sanded the top and rounded the top edges with an emery board. That was stained too.

When the bottom assembly was dry, I flipped the top on its front and clued the legs and skirt piece to the center back.

I then sprayed the whole thing with Deft semi gloss varnish.

I need to sand it and spray again. I thought that I would show you what it looks like now, because it is getting late.

I had to drag Tessie out of the party to pose with the table. She refused to let go of the half eaten pumpkin cookie. She said, "If I give you the cookie, you'll eat it. Stay away from my cookies!!!" So we took the photo, cookie and all.

I have to go back now and either sand and spray the table or clean the workroom some more.....Guess which activity I am voting for?

See you tomorrow.


Kim@My Fairytale Cottage said...

Sand and Spray, I the table!
-Kim :)

MARES said...

Hermoso blog! Te felicito.
Besos desde Argentina.

Kabrina Dawn said...

I love how you're table came out! What color stain is that? It's perfect!

Caseymini said...

Kabrina, it's MinWax Provincial. I use it a lot. It seems to go with everything.

miniacollection said...

I love the table.

Katie said...

Loving the table Casey!! It would look good in one of those tiny houses Tessie wants you to build.....And when you get done building her one, I would like one, too, please! HAHAHA...

NEat book, I'm gonna have to keep a look out for one...Have yo ever seen the tree house books? Those are neat, too!! :)

Clara said...

Una mesa preciosa. Buen trabajo.
Besos Clara