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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Had I Only Known.......

I could have saved myself so much time and trouble!

This morning I picked up a copy of Country Victorian at Walmart and started looking through it. I was curious because it is the "Winter 2011" issue. Seems to be a bit early??? Am I wrong or does 2011 start January 1st?

Anyway, I found an article that I just plain couldn't resist.

I brought it home and looked through the rest of the magazine. I am not much of a fan of Victorian decor. Too fancy for me. However, this issue had a lot of shabby chic in it, so it was OK.

I searched and found the article that I had bought it for and as I was flipping the pages, Tessie appeared and asked, "Whatcha' looking at?"

I tried to hide it. Didn't work. She insisted on looking over my shoulder. The house has a bed in a loft on one side. A whole library in the roof line on the other side. It is a studio space for the lady that owns it. She did most of the remodeling herself. There doesn't appear to be any place for cooking, but other than that, it is really beautifully done and I could see it in miniature.

Tessie started to purr. She has this way of humming under her breath when she sees something that she likes. That's just the start. It works up to a bad case of the "I want"s in just a short time.

Here is what I found. The house in question is exactly 10 feet by 9 feet. In Tessie's world, that translates to 10 inches by 9 inches!

She immediately started Oh-ing and Ah-ing over every photo. The "I want"s started and didn't stop for about 15 minutes.....Then they were silenced and the "Can you make"s took over.

I looked on and waited until she started with the "I need" section of her performance.

I glared at her and said, "No, Tessie. I have to finish the townhouse and the clockwork cottage."

Then the usual round of "No you don't." "Yes I do." "No you don't." "Yes I do." went on for a while.

She disappeared. I was relieved. It was short lived.

She came back and exclaimed, "You hid the book!"

"What book?"

This is the book in question. I didn't hide it. It is indeed a tiny book. I went all over the house looking for it. It is hiding in between or behind some larger books somewhere.

The reason that Tessie wants to find it is, there is a floor plan in it that almost duplicates the house in the article.

If you can find this book anywhere, it is wonderful. I have had it since 1993 when it first appeared on the scene. I have always wanted to make some of the tiny h0uses that are in it. I just looked and Alibris has it.

These are real houses and each has floor plans and measurements. All of them would be great for people that have a limited area for displaying minis.

Tessie is pushing me for a summer cottage in the woods like the one in the magazine. So far, I am holding out.....

Please help me. I really don't need another project. Somebody distract Tessie, so that I can run away and hide now!

See you tomorrow.


Matxalen said...

Casey care, Tessie almost always gets what he wants

Claudia said...

That house in the article is in my neck of the woods. Sandy lives just a bit north of me. It's awfully pretty, isn't it?


Norma said...

You have a copy of Country Victorian!! I'm green with envy (and it's such an unbecoming colour!). Sandy's blog has been one of my absolute favourites for a long time.

Best you don't tell Tessie that Sandy's writing a book on tiny houses, including hers, (they're even making a replica for a 'how to' section) and is calling for info about other little stand-alone studios/ personal spaces to include in the book cos then Tessie will definately want you to make one just so she can get into print!!

You might like to take a look at Caroline's 1:12 version of Sandy's place at but don't tell Tessie cos she'll want to move right in!!!!

Actually I'm secretly on Tessie's side on this one - I'd love to see you do a mini inspired by Sandy's place - there's room for more than one!

For those of us who are geographically challenged (ie live outside the good ol' US of A) and so find it expensive to get books shipped, there are a few websites specialising in tiny houses that have photo galleries and a plans section, my favourite is Tumbleweed

A great blog (with a photo gallery) on tiny houses is

I'm ashamed to say that tho these websites and blogs are great I can feel my green palour deepening cos I'd love to see the pics in that Tiny Houses book you have! - so much so that I'm going to check out if I can get one shipped and hang the expense - thanks for the tip-off on it :)

(I've been researching the world of tiny houses recently not so much with minis in mind, but as 1:1living spaces, I just love them!)

Debbie said...

Just had a look for this book and it is available via Alibris in the UK on this link:-
and on Amazon on this link:-
If anyone over here is

Alamom02 said...

I'm with Tessie, I love that little cottage. I must find that magazine. I've already decided to use a Corona Primrose to make my own rendition of the cottage, it won't be exactly the same, but will have the "flavor". There is a blog called "shop cinderella moments", and this lady built an almost exact copy of Sandy Foster's house. You know Tessie is going to win, can't wait to see what you two come up with.

Lyssa and James Bowen said...

Ha, Casey, I just started sketching up ideas for a cottage like this. I know the exact pictures you are talking about and planning on using them as inspiration in my Orchid (whenever I actually get to that). It is a beautiful cottage and Tessie sure will win. Everyone needs a little bit of a girly escape. :)

Susanne said...

..I love that little cottage too, I´m afraid,and Norma already gave you all the links. Could you tell Tessie that its no place to be witchy? Would she really like to be angelwhite and get along with the small cuddling dog? Would she really wear rubber boots? Where would she hide her secrets?
Love, Susanne

Kathi said...

Oh, but you DO need another project!
A tiny cabin in the woods would be perfect!
I'm off to the library website to put this and several others on hold!
Thanks for the reference!
My tiny house is sitting here waiting for the furniture to be finished. Can't proceed until that's done. I could never get my hand inside to arrange it! LOL

Caseymini said...

Yoou have to realize by now that if Tessie gets a hold on a cottage like that it won't be sweet and white! I will most likely have lots of spiders and other witchy wonders inside and out! I just like the idea of the small, tiny cottage. Not necessarily the shabby chic for Tessie. She is more of a black and puce kind of girl....

Margaret said...

I would love to see your cobweby version of that cottage, the opposite to the lovely Cinderella Moments one. I hope to build something similar one day. It would be styled on my Dad's little country, fishing/shooting shack he built and we used to go there on weekends sometimes. Wish it was there now, I could 'shabby chic' it.

dora said...

It is a pleasure to return to enter in your blog.
After a period of time, away from the minis, again with renewed hopes.
A greeting, Carmen kisses

Norma said...

Haha, you're probably right about Tessie being more on the 'dark side' - however maybe it would make a good retreat for Zar, he might finally get some peace from Tessie wanting everything, and he might even get in touch with his 'feminine side' ;)