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Saturday, August 28, 2010

If It's Not Mookie, It's Tessie.......

Look what I found this morning! No. Not Mookie. The house.

I was doing the garage sale routine this morning and found this bookcase for three dollars! I don't know what I am going to do with it, but I couldn't pass it up. It is really well built and maybe I can use it for storage somewhere, even if it doesn't become a mini home.

Mookie immediately moved in and made himself comfortable. Hmmmm.....Cat Cottage?

At another yard sale, I found an early 70s sewing box. I had one of these in avocado green back then. That's how I know the date. I have run onto a couple of them lately for ridiculous prices, but none had the original tray in the top.

I took the stuff out of the inside(I think that is what they were actually selling.) and cleaned it up. It is in good shape. I can use it for storage somewhere....

What was inside? Tons of copper wire! I use a lot of this in jewelry making and some in minis as well.(see the Steampunk ice box)

There was also a lot of striped telephone wire. I have been wanting some of that for real sized baskets. Now I have it. There were also copper jump rings and some chains. This whole mess was three dollars.....I would have had to pay a lot more than that elsewhere. I realize that most normal people won't be excited about this, but even Tessie zapped in, chair and all, to ask what I was going to make for her from the wire....

She is still holding on to that chair for dear life. I think that she fears that I may box it up and send it back. I am not going to tell her anything different for a while. I am so enjoying the peace and quiet.

My last photo of the day is of all of the electrical that I purchased. I started working on the ceiling fixture for the bathroom. I had to paint the rim of the light. it was shiny brass and when I am through, I want it to become part of the ceiling design.

I am planning to alter all of the lights that I bought. I can't leave well enough alone. That would be no fun at all.

It is sheer torture, trying to work on the lighting with all of that new wire and a new little house staring at me. I know I have to behave, but I may leave the behaving to Tessie. I want to play with the new toys....Electrical is boring!!!(the six year old is whining and stamping her feet now, in protest....)

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Ooooh! You're starting on the lights!
Hope you will post as you go? I really want lights in my second house. Really. It's way too dark in there!
The box and wire was a great find!
Tessie said you were out garage saling today. Looks like she spent the day relaxing. :D

Kathi said...

PS. LOVE the little house you found!
I'm going to make a Cat House too. NOT for my real cats though, just the mini ones!

Clara said...

Buenas compras. Siempre tenemos muchas cosas "por si acaso", pero seguro que les das utilidad.
Lo de las luces a míme costó mucho por el alternador, hasta que encontré el adecuado. Ya veré cómo lo resuelves tú.
Besos Clara.