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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back to Square One......

I did accomplish one thing yesterday. I finished the stitching on the zebra rug! The only problem is, Mookie thinks it belongs to him. I am going to have to fight him for the right to block and finish it. He seems to think that it would make a good cat sized pillow.

This morning, I finally realized what is bothering me about the townhouse. NO CURTAINS! I am one for putting curtains in houses and so far, I have obliterated the available curtain space. Something is going to have to give.

Maybe that is why the bathtub ended up with a fancy curtain around it. The kitchen has those rounded windows. I made the poly clay surrounds for them....Now I really don't like them at all. They have to go. It needs curtains.

I did plan on curtains in the bedroom, but that is really the only other place that you can see them. They are way at the back of the room in a bay just like the kitchen. There are two long walls before you get to the bay.

Both of the halls have windows, but they will never be seen from inside the house. That makes for some pretty sterile rooms. Back to the drawing board.....In case you are wondering, Tessie says the same thing. At last we agree on something!

A couple of hours ago, I started installing the bathroom ceiling fixture. I hooked it and the hall spotlight to a transformer. All was good. There was light. Unfortunately, I decided to hook the workroom fixture into the mix. I forgot that there was a problem with that one the last time I tested it. I now have three lights that no longer work. I am afraid that I am going to have to replace all three bulbs. I tested the transformer with another light. It worked. I then tested each of the lights that formerly were working. Nada! Nothing! Zilch! This is the state of the top floor at present. I am tearing my hair, growling under my breath and stomping my feet a lot.

I was having a perfectly good day up to this point. I just looked over to the side as I was typing this. I am going to take a page from Tessie's book.

I may not have an Eames chair, but there are other places to put your feet up and relax. It is not noon yet, but I quit! I have had enough aggravation for one day.

I am officially going on strike for the rest of the day. I will start over tomorrow.

See you then.


Cynthia's Minilife said...

Casey, I sympathise with your electrical woes - how exasperating! However, better to discover and fix the issues before the finishing is done...unlike some of us who now live with it because we can't bear to tear the house apart. Better luck tomorrow!

Caseymini said...

Cynthia, I always install the electrical with round wire and make sure that I can get to it in a pinch. That's what I am in the process of doing with this. Did I mention that I greatly dislike this part of house building? Always have and always will. I can do it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.LOL

miniacollection said...

I hope you will manage to get the rug back, however it is a lovely photo to see your cat with it.
I have only one house with working lights, and it was a nightmare to install, so much that the husband of my friend had to redo everything.
So I sympathize with you.

Clara said...

La alfombra cambiasela por otra cosa, vale la pena negociar con el gato :)
Paciencia con todo lo que te planteas ahora, es mejor que cuando lo tengas más avanzado.
Besos Clara.