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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Am Not A Hoarder!

I keep telling myself that.... I was watching that show about the hoarders, Sunday. I think it's on A & E. Not sure. Somehow watching those once in a while makes me feel a lot better about how our house looks. As I watched, I realized that I am not a true hoarder by definition. I am a mini hoarder....Or maybe I can blame the mess on Tessie. Yeah. That's the ticket. Tessie is the mini hoarder..... If it weren't for her, I wouldn't be in this mess!

For a while now, I have had a vision in my head of a different configuration for the closet. I had it arranged with all of the shelves facing out towards the door. It was very difficult to get some of the things off of the shelves at each end. They hit the front wall of the closet and had to be twisted and contorted to get them out.

I remembered to take a before photo, kind of. I hadn't started the right end yet. It was better than the other one for getting the boxes out, but still not fun.

Thank goodness, I could opt not to take a photo of the rest of the room whilst doing this. I had to take everything out of the shelves to move them....All of the black baskets that you see were on the left hand shelves and weren't working at all. Another great idea gone wrong.

Tessie was extremely quiet while I was taking shelves out of the closet. I was curious to see how her cleaning project was coming along....

Well....The rocking chair was clean enough to sit on and have a cuppa.

To bad she didn't notice that the cleaning spell was wearing off of Zar. I had to snatch her out of there and put her on the wallpaper shelf in the closet. I think he was about to ring her neck. It doesn't look like she is getting much done. I have a feeling that I will be cleaning that mini room when I get to those bookcases.

Anyway, this is how the closet looks at present. I can actually get the boxes out of both sides without a struggle.

Maybe I will be more likely to put them back if that is the case.

It is really the same amount of storage, but It sure gives the illusion of more room. Another section down. Tessie may be a mini hoarder, but she is going to be a very neat mini hoarder soon!

"Tessie, put that cup down and get back to work!"

See you tomorrow.


Claudia said...

Organizing is always a challenge but it looks like you're handling it nicely!


Debbie said...

Casey, the closet looks great. I'm sure you could squeeze just a little more in there..LOL My motto is don't throw it away, cause as soon as you do your need it..Well thats my excuse and I'm sticking to

Kathi said...

I'm with Debbie on this one! I think you've cleaned your workroom several times since I have done mine! It's such a mess right now I don't DARE take a photo! Yours is looking great Casey!

christine said...

OK.... you're not a hoarder!!! i'm not a hoarder!!! do you think anyone really believes that... i call it collecting! :-)

Marlene said...

Real hoarder's stash their stuff in every room as well as having a shed, your not trying hard enough Casey!
but it's such fun to find stuff when sorting. I like to do one bit at a time, gives me time to play with what I have found.

Katie said...

Hi Casey! Just watched the animal hoading eposide on Animal Planet last night, and told myself the same thing....I am not a hoarder, either! LOL My kids laugh at me when the find me digging in the trash, and I won't even begin to show you what my desk looks like, I don't eventhink you can see the top! Wanta come organize mine, too?? LOL.....One day, I'll have my own craft room, and I'll have it filled to the brim with trash and cats, Hahaha!!

Caseymini said...

Marlene, at one point, I had the bathtub in our spare bathroom stuffed with things to at least a 4 foot level! That was on top of having things in every room and some in the garage. Let's see you beat a bathtub stuffed with minis!LOL

I have pared down so that the tub is vacant now. I am getting better.....Er...Tessie is getting better....

Debbie, I am not really throwing a lot out. I am just getting things together where they belong. You would be amazed at all of the dead space I had because things were not where they should be.

You just get to see the part of the workroom that I want to show.... I think that there is still a floor in there. I can feel it with my bare feet. I just can't see it yet.