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Monday, August 9, 2010

But....There's a Hole in the Wall!!!

This morning I decided that I need a better plan for the workroom. I am actually using it now, but the organizing of the place is complete chaos. I have some of the same things in three different boxes, in three different places. It just doesn't work.

So....I went to work on one bookcase. It is the one that I have to look at when I am working. If nothing else, I needed a better view.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I didn't take a before photo....This is the after. I went through every box and cleaned them out. I relabeled most of it. I still have some labels to make, but after I do that, this one bookcase will be much more efficient.

As I said, I cleaned every box, even the miniature corner box on the second shelf. It really needed doing.

Here's the after shot of that one. Remember to poke the photos.

I was on a kick of doing small boxes with armoires and closets in them a while ago and this is one of my favorites.

As soon as I finished, Tessie moved in for the kill. She has commissioned me to make her a round beaded bag like the one that she is pointing at in the photo. However.....She doesn't like blue. She will pick out the beads as I make it. It sounds like a tutorial is coming.

She watched me for a while. She zealously pointed out every little speck of dirt and anything out of place as I went.

Finally, when I couldn't stand it anymore, I turned around and told her, in a voice that was a little too loud, "Go clean your own room!"

She stomped her feet and disappeared. I kept hearing clunks and a lot of banging.....Wait a minute....The noise was coming from the computer room... That's not her room! It's ours!

Remember the "secret" storage room that she has behind the wall in there? Yup....She was cleaning, with the help of Zar. His eyes looked a bit glazed over, like he was not exactly sure why he was there.

They have pulled the whole room out of the wall! Tessie turned and calmly said, "Don't worry about the hole. It's not very big. You can patch it in no time."

I gritted my teeth and hissed at her, "Fix it, and fix it NOW!"

Thank goodness for her zapping capabilities. I blinked my eyes and the hole was gone, but so was the room that she was working on. Before she could knock a hole in another wall, I yelled at her to put it in the workroom on a shelf.

Amazing! She followed instructions. I went into the workroom. Granted, there was a pile of debris on the floor in front of the book shelf....What was on the shelf, was now on the floor and Tessie had centered that awful storage room on a most prominent shelf.

At least it wasn't one that I had already finished cleaning. It should be interesting to see what she has stowed away in that room. When she finishes, I might just have to set it up as a bedroom. As I remember, that was the intent for the box before she stole it and zapped it into the wall.

I wonder how long her job on the wall is going to last? After all, most of her fix it zaps are only temporary and wear off after a while.

I need to go back to work now.....Only 5 more shelf units to go....Then there's the closet..... and the desk....

See you tomorrow.


Sabiha Barkey said...

Oooh, I have to do some cleaning up myself...happy I have no little hands to help me,LOL!

I realy like the bag on the floor with the zebra is fantastic!


Clara said...

¡A la rica limpieza! Es estupendo tener tiempo para hacer eso. Te encontrarás de todo, cosa hechas y que no pusiste en el sitio, cosas medio hechas y cosas que dirás ¿porque no lo tiré?. Harás listas de cosas para hacer con lo que te encuentres que no te acordabas que lo tenías. Es un trabajo duro que te quita las telarañas de la cabeza y del estudio. Espero que lo consigas. Besos Clara :)

Caseymini said...

Thanks Sabs! I will tell my daughter what you said. April made that particular bag a few years ago. I took it away from her because I liked it too.