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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday, With Witches.....

As usual, there's not a lot of time for workroom cleaning on Wednesday. I do have a couple more bookcases done though.

The first one is pretty easy, because the three bottom drawers seldom change. Two drawers are wood and one is needlepoint and cross stitch stretcher bars, hoops and magnifying glasses. Not much cleaning to do there. Every scrap of wood is a keeper.

You have to notice that there is an actual empty space on the second shelf! A whole nine inches of space to fill.....

Tessie and Zar have their heads together, trying to figure out what to do with the vacuum....Nature abhors those, you know.

Yes....I was brave enough to clean out the bookcase with Tessie's storage room. It is now empty of everything!

Again, I have space left over....Of the four baskets next to her room, the large one and one of the small ones are empty! Don't worry. That won't last long.

The three large baskets at the bottom only have to be straightened. Nothing in them is throw out-able.

That will make it so that I only have three units to go!

Now...About the contents of Tessie's storage area....
Confession time. I scooped all of the contents into one of the infamous, unsuccessful black baskets. The trouble is, Tessie and Zar followed closely and made themselves comfortable in there too.

I had good intentions of sorting through it all. They wouldn't let me. Very proprietary. They insisted that they would do it themselves....I am not sure that I like it when they stick together like that.

Zar found an old Racing Form and Tessie managed to grab a sticky red drink in a martini glass. They have settled in for the rest of the day. I noticed a plate of cold cuts and a box of crackers when I was clearing the room. They will probably be in there as long as the food holds out....

Yes. That is a full laundry basket beneath them. That is also to be sorted. See what I mean about the empty space not lasting a long time?

That will have to wait. Wednesday is for mini witches in more ways than one.

See you tomorrow.


Anna M. said...

I wanted to let you know that I awarded you the "I heart your blog award".

Clara said...

¡Cómo estais dejando todo tan ordenado! Al final siempre aparecen cosas que no tienen clasificación posuble, y no veo a Tessi muy colaboradora.:) Besos Clara

Sabiha Barkey said...

Oooh dear, you have so many stuff!!! I would love to have a room only for my miniatures and crafting suplies, but I have just since recently one closet to put it al in!!! You have encouraged me to do some cleaning up myself...and when I am finished I will do a post about it too....have a moment please,LOL!