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Thursday, July 29, 2010

This Tape Isn't Sticking.....

Tessie got into my supplies in the workroom this morning. She wanted a new purse....Why she thought she needed sticky tape to make it, I have no idea. I turned around to see what she was talking about and saw that she had my one and only, Dennison's Transparent Tape dispenser....The tape is neither transparent or sticky.....The roll had a date right on it of 1910! Where she is holding it on top is where the tape was dispensed. You can see just a tiny bit of it sticking up. Yup. It still has tape in it. It is the color of a brown paper bag and just about as transparent.

I found it at an antique sale in Fort Lowell Park, years ago. It's the only one like it that I have ever seen. One of my favorite things.

Anyway, I took the spool of tape away from her in exchange for making her a new purse.

She specified spiders. "It has to open, so that I can carry things in it. Not one of those faked ones that just looks like a purse."

As usual, if you want to see things better, poke the photos.

You could make the purse any size and shape that you want it to be. It is basically 8 pieces of card stock and some fabric. Oh and a little bit of trim.

On the left is the pattern that I made. You want the back and the front of the purse the same size and shape. the bottom is a narrow strip to give it depth and the top flap is whatever shape you want it to be. It is 3/4" wide.

I cut out two pieces of each shape from card stock. The outside pieces were glued to the underside of the fabric with a small space for bending, between. The inside pieces are trimmed a bit smaller and covered individually with the fabric. The edges are wrapped to the back and glued down.

The two paddle shaped pieces on the right are the sides of the purse. They are simply folded over, glued and cut out. No card stock in them. They need to be flexible.

The tongue of these pieces are glued to the center bottom of the outside and the inside piece of the same shape is glued over them. Next the back inside is glued, catching the back of the side pieces between interior and exterior with glue.

The lining of the top flap is glued in place. The photo with the clips is showing how it looks when it is this far along.

Next you do the same with the front edge. Glue the interior to the side pieces, facing in, and then pull up the front exterior piece and clip. Take these stages one at a time and don't try to rush. Let the glue dry on one step before moving to the next step.

When you have the body of the purse together, You can trim it however you like. I used #5 Perle cotton and ran it around the edges as cording. I ran a piece inside the cover and around for the handle, gluing the ends inside.

I put a tiny piece of Velcro on the flap and body to close the purse.

Tessie is now happily running around the workroom experimenting with what will fit inside.....Ungrateful, as usual, she is whining and whinging, "It needs to be bigger! I can't get anything worthwhile in it." This statement was made while trying to stuff a mixing bowl, two ladles and a straw hat, side wise in the bag....Non of it stayed inside.

I guess it's back to the drawing board. Bigger purse, coming right up.....I am not stupid. If I make it big enough, she won't be able to lift it. I hid her wand so she can't zap it. I win.......For now anyway.

See you tomorrow.


Kim said...

another fabulous tutorial Casey- thank you!! I would think Tessie is a good enough witch to zap things smaller to fit into that purse!

****backing away quickly and never losing sight of Tessie's wand :)*****

Minnie Kitchen said...

great tutorial! love the pics~

Susan said...

Casey, you are a gem. This is Great!! Even with my aversion to glue and fabric I think I could manage this!

Annie said...

Thank you for another great and usefull tutorial. I love the little Tessie!!...cute.

Clara said...

Es un bolso precioso. Gracias por explicar cómo lo has hecho. Es una tentación copiarlo. Besos Clara