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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Well.....It Works, In Theory.....

Continuing on with adventures in old periodicals. I went back and found the very first thing I made in miniature from the Peterson's Magazines(1863). It is called a Dormeuse. It's another one of those things that seemed like a good idea at the time....At least by the inventor/designer.

You can poke the photo and read for yourself, but the idea is you put this sausage like pillow under your chin and wrap the cord around your arms whilst sitting in an easy chair....If you fall asleep, it keeps your chin from falling down onto your chest.

I couldn't resist making it in mini. Something different. If you want to make one, the instructions are in the text. Just change the measurements to 1 1/2" square and three inches for the cord. I allow extra on the cord length and adjust according to the person that is going to use it.

Of course, as soon as Tessie saw it, she had to have it....Then proceeded to complain loudly that....."It's very uncomfortable, impractical and how am I supposed to get any sleep in this position?"

I didn't even bother to answer her. I shoved the instructions under her nose and left.

As far as I know, she is still sitting there either trying to get out of the contraption or taking a nap....

Meanwhile, I converted another pattern for a netted mat to a rug pattern in mini. I left it two colors, but you could change the colors by doing the petals on the motifs two different colors for the two different motifs. The dots around the motifs could be a different color. Just be sure to keep consistency in the pattern. If you do a different color in one part do it in all and you will have a pretty rug. I purposely didn't put in a background color. You can use any color you want, so it will match the room that you put it in.

Poke the photo and it will come up larger if you want to print it out.

BTW, the center pattern is off by one stitch to the side. It seems that the original designer didn't allow for the odd number of stitches in the outer band and the even number in the patterned interior. I left it that way. I kind of liked the idea that it didn't seem to bother them that the stitch count was different.

I Left it simple. You can fancy it up as you stitch. I may just have to go see what happens with it for me.

See you tomorrow.


Merry Jingle said...

That pillow is a strange thing :D But perfect to keep Tessie's hands in place :D

Susanne said...

Thank you very much for the patterns, Casey!
Love, Susanne

Susanne said...

Thanks for the patterns, Casey!
Love, Susanne

otterine said...

Dormeuse - haaaaahaaaaa! The visual you created in my head gave me a good hearty laugh for today. Many thanks!