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Friday, July 16, 2010

This and That.....and Other Things....

First of all, I wanted to give credit where credit is due for the technique that I used yesterday for the window surrounds. Years ago I was much more into poly clay than I am now. One of my favorite websites was Polymer Clay Central. It has been a long time since I have been there, so when I went to look for it in my favorites list I discovered that it was no longer on the list.

I went and found it and then tried to find the technique that I used on the windows. I couldn't remember the name. When I first learned to use it, I covered Altoid tins and other boxes with it.

You have to realize that the PCC site is huge and it would take hours to go through every page to find the one I was looking for. I did manage to find some photos of a couple of eggs covered with this in the archives. I think it was about 2001.

Anyway, if you are interested in learning more about how to do it, and have lots of time, sit down with a cup of coffee and a big plate of cookies. Plan to spend a couple of hours(or days) looking. There are a lot of ideas for using poly clay for minis and yes, they do even have some minis on the site....Don't ask me which page. Please.

OK. Back to reality. I forgot to show you what I acquired Wednesday at mini-witches.

About 20 years ago, one of my mini friends that did ceramics found these fountains at the place where she bought her pieces. Everyone went bonkers over them and bought at least one. Perfect for mini planters. Or if you were really ambitious and wanted to plum them and put in a pump....A working fountain. I don't think that any of us got that ambitious.

Anyway, I only purchased one at the time. Wednesday at the mini meeting, my friend Judy let it slip that she still had four that were in pristine condition. We bartered a bit and I got a fountain and Judy is getting some silk canvas for mini needlepoint. We are both happy with the trade.

I have several greenhouses(and birdcages) that still need finishing and I love the fountains. The first one that I did is still going strong.

We all just painted the bisque fired fountains with acrylics and did various tile treatments in the center area. The one that I did had a page of tile from an Architectural Digest in the center. I pasted it on and scored it to look like it was grouted and then put a protective coating on it.

I made all of the vines and flowers. Surprisingly, the paper flowers are still as bright as they were when I made them.

Did you notice that I have Tessie caged? She likes it in there. Cookies and lemonade are all that are keeping her captive. The cage has no latch. She can get out anytime. That will be when the lemonade and cookies are gone.

As for me, I am off on another tangent. Remember the brown geometric rug that I made for the living room of the townhouse? It seems that I am going to have to make a room box or put it in another house. It looks terrible with the lime green in the kitchen.

No. I am not off to build a room box or a new house.

I am back to working on the zebra skin rug for the townhouse. It will take a little time, but it's better than listening to Tessie whine and whinge about the miss matched brown and lime green.

I am liking it better and better. I am going back to work on it now, since Tessie won't be an annoyance until the pitcher and plate are empty.

See you tomorrow.


Norma said...

Thanks for the link Casey. So far I've managed to avoid working with polymer but I'm keen to take a look anyway - besides it's an excuse for tea and biscuit consumption ;)

The fountain is gorgeous, so many possibilities.

Your new rug is superb!!

Merry Jingle said...

That fountain is fabulous! And I love the scene you made in the cage,wonderful :)

Have a great weekend :)

Debbie said...

Thanks for the link Casey, but I've spent far to much time over there. Love the little