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Sunday, July 4, 2010

It's Curtains for the Bathroom!

This morning Tessie whined and whinged until I agreed to start the shower curtains for her bath. She refused to have a store bought one. Custom all the way for her.

Zar tried out the tub and I think that I am in trouble. He complained, "This tub is awfully small for a grown man." I didn't tell him that it was the same size as the one in the Clockwork Cottage......We may have a problem when I get back to work on that....

I took the tub and laid it out on a piece of illustration board. I determined the size of the top and drew two of the shape I needed. I also cut a strip that was one inch wide and seven inches long for the support at the end.

The strip was covered with the fabric that I wanted to use for the curtains.

I cut a strip of fabric 8"X15" for the curtains themselves. I hemmed it with glue on one long side and two short sides.

Then I got out my trusty acoustical tile pin board and went to work.

I found the center of the curtain and laid it face down on the center of the board.

I glued the covered strip to the center. The bottom was even with the bottom of the curtain hem. I pinned it to the board with the pins slanting towards the center to hold it down.

Then I started making 1/2" pleats at the bottom and the center, where the tie backs would be placed. At the same time I pinned the place three inches up where I wanted the tie backs.

When those were all in place I determined that I wanted the upper edge of the curtains to fit around a seven inch long space when they were done. I measured three inches out from the one inch center strip and pinned the top corner of the curtains to either side there.

I put pins between the pleats wherever I needed to for the draping of the sides. Lots of pins....

If you try this method, make sure that you have a good supply of ball headed pins. Preferably the long quilter's pins. They are easier on fingers than the plain old silk pins. Believe me, you will thank me for hassling you about this step after you have pushed in about 80 to 100 pins for one curtain. The reason for the longer pins is they are easier to manipulate into the pleats than the short ones. You don't tend to knock the preceding pins out as you put new ones in place.

After you get the curtains arranged the way that you want them, spray then with extra hold PUMP hairspray. It is much easier to get it in between the pleats than the aerosol kind. I use unscented Suave. Cheap works just as well as the more expensive stuff.

Tessie took over the spraying. I tried to tell Zar to get out of the way. He will not be moving anytime soon. She sprayed him, along with the curtains. Stiff as a board!

This is all you get to see today. I am going to have to spray the curtains a second time. I want them to hold forever, or at least lots of years....Did I mention that these don't really function.....Please don't mention that to Tessie. I don't know why she keeps saying she needs a shower. She really only takes a bath on Saturday night. No. I don't peek. It came up in a conversation once. I think it was when I kept complaining about smelling something funny one Friday afternoon......

Anyway, I will finish the task tomorrow....She will have to wait until next Saturday for her bath.

See you tomorrow.


Tabitha Corsica said...

Anxious for tomorrow cuz I can't figure out how this is meant to look in the end... Lots of pleats...

Minnie Kitchen said...

omg you trained your dolls to make minis too?! love the pics~

Debie Lyons said...

I am really interested to. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

Debie xxxxxxxx

Caseymini said...

Mini Kitchen....never ever let Tessie hear you call her a doll! She is just as real as you and me....Just a bit smaller.LOL

Lena said...

Casey, You are a great source of inspiration, thanks!
The shower curtains are lovely!