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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Excuses. Excuses. Excuses.....

OK. So I didn't really get anything done again today. We went to a movie and lunch. That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

I did some more sorting in the notebook after we returned. I found several things, probably of no interest to anybody but me. It is kind of like looking through a diary and remembering what you did on a certain date....Or wondering why you did a certain thing that, at the time, you thought was note worthy. Now it's not.

For instance. This pattern for a cradle. I don't remember what antique book I found it in. At the time I must have thought that it would make an interesting miniature piece. Why didn't I write down the date and some information about the original? Now if I do make it, I have no idea where it is from or what the date of the original piece was.....Somebody slap me!

I may just make it anyway. If you feel like grabbing the pattern and making one, go for it. The top portion of the cradle sits on the bottom with a lip around the edge, so it should be easy enough to put together. The ends appear to fit between the sides and the bottom rockers sit two inches apart with a brace on the center bottom. I would build it out of 1/16" thick lumber.

The next thing I found was the original pattern for the headboard of bed #5. In answer to your next question. Yes. That is all I start with. It's a drawing of the exact size that the headboard is going to be when finished. The rest of the bed comes out of my head as I work. This bed is, for some reason, my all time favorite. I couldn't part with the hand made, antique French, needle lace on the surface of the spread.

The last thing that I found was my very first drawing of the fairy tale castle.

When I first started it, I was going to do it in the round...All four sides were to have rooms. Then I realized that, to display it in our house, it would have to sit in the middle of a room. Not feasible. I kept messing around with it until it evolved into what you see elsewhere on t he blog. It is more of a three sided arrangement, but really only one layer of rooms.

I still kind of like this plan, but as I said...Not feasible for our house. Too bad.

The reason that I am quiting for the day is....Tessie showed up and spied the plans for the castle. She immediately announced, "If you can make that big old castle up on the shelf, you can make one for me. The townhouse is NOT Spiderwort Manor! It is just a townhouse. I will live in it for the time being.....but....."

I am living in fear of the time when the townhouse is finished.......I am going to go put in earplugs and knit socks for a while now.....Not Spiderwort Manor????

See you tomorrow.


dale said...

Tessie is very funny. :)

I've learned I have to take copious notes anymore as my brain is a seive anymore. ;) Adding the dates and more pertinent information sounds like a good idea!

That bed is exquisite! I can see why you could never part with it, I wouldn't either. :)

Tabitha Corsica said...

LOVE the bed!

rudoo said...

That bed is GORGEOUS!!

Kathi said...

Wow! You really have some buried treasures! Thanks for sharing them with us. That bed is so beautiful!
Please don't let Tessie jump on it!!!

MiniKat said...

I have been waiting for Tessie to decide the townhouse isn't Spiderwort Manor.

Sans! said...

The blog is truly my journal for these things. I dread the day blogger decides to close this down. I have been thinking of printing the blog into a book. One day.

You know, I am not surprise that you only had the blueprint for the bed head . The beauty of this bed is in the laces. Antique French? No wonder they fall so beautifully and look so soft unlike new laces. I also like the cream tinge.

My word verification is "shhgr". You may want to use it on Tessie . :)

Merry Jingle said...

Your notes do interest us, so just keep posting them :) And the bed is just WOW - I can understand why you want to keep it. You've done amazing job with the fabric, the pleats etc. look so realistic.

Caseymini said...

Thanks for all of the kind words!

Sans, I will try that word on Tessie, however, I don't think that it is strong enough.....I think maybe it should be "SHHHHHH, GRRRRRRR! Oh. Wait. I think that I used that one yesterday when she was talking about Spiderwort Manor.

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Lucia Gabrieli said...

The bed is beautiful!!!!! And I'm just in love with your drawings of the castle, it really looks as if it comes out of a fairy tales book!

Annie said...

Thank you for the great tutorials you have posted in your blog...fantastic!!