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Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Told Them Not To......

...but they did it anyway. Tessie and Zar went digging around in the garage this morning. They found a storage tub that had the label "1/2" and 1/4" furniture" on the outside. They kept hassling me to carry it into the house so that they could see the contents.

Against my better judgment, I did it.

They proceeded to dump the contents of two plastic bags that were inside the tub, on the family room table.

They got all excited until they realised that the furniture was too small for their houses....I decided that, since it was already in the house, I might as well sort out what they had messed up.

I pulled all of the half inch furniture out of the pile. Then I realized that it wasn't all there.

As I sorted, I found some of the old 1/2" sized "Annie" dolls from the movie. I got them at Pic 'n' Save when it was still that and not Mac Frugle's or Big lots, as it is now. Those were the good old days. They always had stuff that I could use for minis back then...No more.

Anyway, as I sorted, Tessie and Zar watched with astonishment. Tessie was getting increasingly nervous. Finally she blurted out, "There are people smaller than I am and you are holding them hostage in a box!" then, "How could you?"

I explained that they weren't real people. They were only statues of people. That seemed to make her feel better.

Being curious, I went into the workroom and with the stepladder, I got the 1/2" Fairfield down from the top shelf. Yup. The rest of the furniture was in a plastic box on top of the house.

I brought that out and Tessie and Zar Ohh-ed and Ahh-ed over how cute it was....."It's so tiny! It's a house for the little people." And once again, she started in,"The poor little people need a place to live! Why did you quit?"

"I got bored." I told her. "You know about getting bored, don't you? Your attention span is shorter than mine. I at least have the attention span of a six year old....Yours is about the size of a gnat!"

She just frowned. Zar got her calmed down. Then she spotted more people in the box with the furniture. She looked me straight in the eye and said, "I no longer want a dungeon or a torture chamber in Spiderwort Manor. You would probably find a way to lock me up and put me on a top shelf just like these poor people!"

We went through the "These aren't real people" discussion again. Between Zar and me, we got her back to rational thinking once more.

"OK. Not real people." she said. Then, "In that case, put them all back in the box! They are interfering with the townhouse!"

That's my Tessie. All heart.

She and Zar did give the house a thorough going over to see if they could salvage anything of use.

I heard her say at one point, "Icky. The colors are so 80s. There is no help for this place. It will have to be completely gutted.

Then she turned to me and announced, "That will be all of the dilly dallying you are allowed for today. Put that silly tub back in the garage and get to work. The townhouse needs tending to."

Actually, I am quite relieved. I didn't want to have to finish the Fairfield right now. It was doing fine on the top shelf. Not one of the people that belong in side was complaining.

Now Tessie, on the other hand, would start ranting and raving as soon as I got all of the tools out to work on it.

I am happy to say that I have, by putting the half inch stuff with the Fairfield, accomplished the elimination of another of the ugly storage tubs and freed up shelf space in the garage.

Tessie is pulling on my shirt sleeve and growling about me getting to work. I guess I should go see what can be done on the townhouse.

See you tomorrow.


Debie Lyons said...

Thats a lovely little house Casey.

Debie xxxxxxxxx

Tabitha Corsica said...

That's a nice house...maybe you SHOULD finish it....