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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Roses Got in the Way!

OK. I know that I'm late. At least I am here!

Today was my day to host the Wednesday Witches. Instead of making miniatures, I spent the morning making roses. Apple Roses.

I found the recipe for these on a Hungarian blog that I follow. It is called "Between Crosses with Nina" It is mostly a blog about needlework, but one day this week she made Apple Roses. They looked so good that I had to try it. Luckily, she had a link to someone that had done it in the US, so I got an accurate translation of the recipe from there.

They were fairly simple to do,but very time consuming. They are made from puff pastry and apples with sugar and spices. They turned out pretty good, but not sweet enough for my taste. Next time I think I will try a different apple.

Anyway, the only miniature-ing that I got done was to hang the towel rack in the bathroom. I had to work around Tessie and Spike.

She is there to stay.

I promise to come back tomorrow with something done in actual miniature....For today I am finished.

Sorry for the short entry. See you tomorrow.


After Dark minatures said...

Oh my gosh the dog is tooooo cute!!

Sans! said...

Comment bug ! If you get another one like this, delete it :). Just wanted to tell you I would have loved a taste of that apple rose. I like em not too sweet, thank you :). Very pretty pastry, Casey.

And does Tessie like Cher? If she has a mermaid apron with the tail, that will complete the Cher-Mermaid look. She is already 90% there. :) She will then match the super glam bathroom perfectly.

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

They look totally yum and beautiful!
How about using a pink lady apple because of the pretty pink skin, plus they are sweet!

芸茂芸茂 said...


Kathi said...

Looking great! Love the towel holder.
Thanks for your tip about the five petal punch! That will save me lots of time!