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Friday, July 9, 2010

"Are You Sure She's Working???"

I heard Zar's voice coming from the upstairs hallway. I was in the kitchen washing out brushes...Really. I do it once in a while. I do have a few brushes that are still in good shape.

I went back in to look at the walls that I had just painted and realized that they really didn't look much different than they did before I started.

I painted the upstairs hall and the living room/entry, all with light ivory. It's pretty disheartening to go back an look at the job that you just did and realize that it really didn't change the look of things all that much.

I made Tessie stand in the living room area so that I could take a photo of that too....That didn't look much different either. All that work and it hardly shows. It had to be done. It's just not much fun. If I thought that it would get finished in this century, I would have talked Zar and Tessie into doing it....

I went to Michael's for the paint this morning. I had coupons for there and for Joanne's. It's pretty bad when all you can find to use a fifty percent off coupon is a five dollar bottle of light ivory paint.

I did find a few other goodies. I bought a small bottle of lime green and shocking pink. The house needs some livening up. As I remember, most all of the houses that we lived in, in the sixties had white or off white walls. The color was in the furniture and decorations. In the early seventies, it went to harvest gold and avocado green....Especially in appliances. As Tessie would say....."Icky!"

The living room of this house doesn't have any windows, so no place for color in drapes and curtains. I am going to have to think on this some.

I am a follower on the DMC Threads blog. The other day they announced a new "thread". It is Color Infusions Memory Thread I thought that, from the description, it might be useful for minis, as well as my larger embroidery. It is a fine wire, wrapped with fiber. It comes in lots of different colors.

This morning I found it at Joanne's. I purchased a few colors to play with. So far, not having done much more than bend some of it into spirals and flower shapes, I think that it is going to be fun to use. There are lots of needlework examples on the second URL above.

The pink and green will be perfect for use in The townhouse with the matching paint. Now all I have to do is figure out what I am going to do with it.

I had to untangle Tessie from the pink. She seems to like that one in particular. I am going to go play with it now. I will keep you posted on how it works.

See you tomorrow.


Margaret said...

I think your new colour will probably look different in different light, like it does in 1:1 rooms. That new thread sounds great, I assume it stays pretty well in the shape you bend it. Wonder what you will make:)

MiniKat said...

Will the new DMC stuff be useful for wicker?

Caseymini said...

I think that the new thread, if the right color would be useful for spirals and decorative effects on wicker...I am also wondering if the black would be good for fancy wrought iron. I want to do some real sized stump work and this stuff will be great for that.

Anonymous said...