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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Emperor's New Clothes.....

OK....So he's not the emperor. Zar still needed new clothes. His old ones were looking pretty sad.

I thought that I would throw in photos of the old ones so that you could get some idea of how they were constructed. This is not a tutorial. Each person is different and yours won't necessarily need the same size that Zar does.

The vest was cut from an old leather glove. My system is just to cut as I go. It's kind of like when they asked Michelangelo how he carved the statue of David......He replied, I simply took away the pieces that didn't look like David. Or something like that. Anyway, I start with a piece of leather about the right size and just start cutting away.

I unglued the shoulder seams so that you could see the basic, one piece, pattern. The buttons are dimensional fabric paint, dotted on the front. Basically, to put it together, I overlap the shoulder seams and glue then the front and glue. If you want to take it off later, the white glue easily pulls apart.

His shirt is basically three(+yoke and front placket). I turn under all of the edges of the front piece and glue on the placket. On the back I glue a piece for the yoke and turn under the arm holes with glue.

Yes. I turned up the sleeves before I glued it together. It is easier that way.

I glue the sleeve into a tube and slip then on. Then the back gets glued over that and last the front.

For the collar, I double a piece of fabric with glue and cut a strip the right length to fit the neck. It goes on last.

Of course, if Zar gets new clothes.....So does Tessie. She settled for an old apron, but insisted on a new turquoise suede vest with matching headband.

I only made one mistake.....I let Zar show her Hubert's Haberdashery.....

"OK. Balthazar gets a place to shop....Where am I supposed to go to get new clothes? I want a Lady's Millinery and Apparel Shoppe..." She did pronounce each word separately and they sounded capitalized to me.

She announced grandly, "You aren't required to start it until you finish the townhouse....And maybe the Clockwork Cottage and defiantly not until you start Spiderwort Manor....Let's see. What else is on the list?"

I didn't wait to find out what else was there.....The list seems to keep getting longer. Day by day.....

See you tomorrow.

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