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Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Is Laundry Day.....

I wonder why Monday was picked as "official" laundry day. I mean they even wrote songs about it and embroidered it on dish towels. Why???

Since it is Monday, laundry day, I decided to make a laundry basket for Tessie.

Actually, I was cleaning out a box labeled "To Be Sorted" when I discovered three of the little baskets from Jet Dry dish washing stuff for getting rid of spots. At least that's what I think it's for. I have never used it. Someone gave them to me years ago. I hope that they still make them. The worked great.

Since I am trying to use up, as well as clean out, things in my stash, I thought that a Monday would be a good day to make laundry baskets.

All you need to do it is the bottom half of one of the little plastic gadgets, some quilling paper and paint if you want the frame of the basket to look more like wood.

I think that you could use the top half also if you wanted to go to the trouble of cutting out a bottom to fit from mat board or poster board.

Since I have three, I may try making one that looks more like plastic, but for demonstration purposes, I just did a straight basket. I painted it trail tan. Then I started weaving strips of quilling paper in and out around the spokes.

It just so happens that seven of the pieces of quilling paper fit the slots exactly. I did mine in gold and brown. You simply start inside the basket by gluing one end of a strip of quilling paper to the back of one of the spokes. Weave around, ending on the inside and overlapping the starting end. Fasten it with a drop of glue and trim the end.

When you finish the weaving, cut a couple of pieces of quilling paper about an inch long and fasten to the sides as handles. Then run a strip around the top and bottom.....Almost instant basket.

After you finish. stuff the basket with scraps of fabric and go to Sherree's website for the detergent box of your choice. Go down towards the bottom and hit the thumbnail for laundry supplies. It will take you to lots of choices. If you just want one box, poke the kind you want and when it comes up, you can just print it straight off of the website. I use Gain, so that was Tessie's choice.

Please notice that the basket is sitting on the finished kitchen table. That is the third coat on the top. I did two coats of the glaze to give it some depth and finished with a topcoat of Deft semi-gloss spray. With that combination, I got the mirror finish that I wanted.

Now I have to get back to the real world and do real housework....Bah Humbug!

See you tomorrow.


Susanne said...

Thanks for the tutorial, Casey. You are such a giving and inventive person.
Love, Susanne

Katie said...

Casey!!! How perfect! Love the colors you choose to paint the basket!!

Love your 'shiny' table, too!

...not to sure if you saw it, but I used a bathroom mat to do the thatched roof, Just glued it on, and painted it:)

Minnie Kitchen said...

OMG. the laundry baskets are genius!

Anonymous said...


Lataina said...

This is fantastic, Casey! The basket looks great. =)

Debie Lyons said...

Thank you for the tutorial Casey xxx

Marlene said...

Thanks for the link casey, I have not seen this site before, regards Marlene

Ann Martin said...

Such a cute basket! (not meaning to diminish all of the other furnishings you've made, of course - everything is great) Quilling paper seems to come in handy for lots of projects.

Chris P's Minis and More said...

Monday-stars the week with fresh clothes I guess! I do laundry on Mondya's too! I love the basket I have seen these before but quilling paper is wonderful idea.
Thanks for sharing!