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Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Pod.....

Yup. It's kind of like an I Pod....The My Pod(chair). It keeps me entertained for hours at a time.

The first photo is what I got done yesterday. It doesn't look like much, but when you figure that I started with 17 pieces of wire(33 spokes) and wound up with 67 spokes at the end of the day, it was a lot of gluing and weaving to get to this point. As you can see, the spokes look like the monster that devoured Cleveland.

When you are working with very thin wire and thread, it takes way more time that you bargain for.The wire was 24 gage and the thread, #20. The wire is very flexible and like tangled hair to work with.

When I got out to the edge of the bottom and "turned north" I made a disk to stabilize the bottom of the chair. This makes it perfectly(almost) flat on the bottom, so that the chair will sit on the level. It fits inside the bottom exactly, so the outside is still wicker.

I started working again this morning about7:30 AM.

When I stopped for lunch, this is what I had done. At least I am at the start of the opening hole.

When I got it tall enough all around for the front opening, I bound off the front threads and put glue on the inside to keep them in place. Then I continued around the rest of the chair.

The monster is still not tame. It may get better as I near the top. As it is, I have to handle each and every wire as the thread goes through and keep the correct tension for the right amount of flair.

As you can see, Tessie is having a difficult time with patience. She is like Veruka in Willy Wonka. She keeps saying, "I want my chair and I want it NOW!!!"

Every time I stop for a break, she jumps in and starts whinging. "Is it done yet? Get back to work! Hurry!"

I am officially quiting for the day. It is now 2 PM. I am cross eyed and half blind and my fingers are sore.

I tied the chair in a semblance of it's finished shape and now Tessie is yelling about cushions. Too bad.

I am officially off the clock for the rest of the day. It is Saturday and I am going on strike for the rest of the afternoon. I am expanding the time frame by another full day..... I told you it might take a month....I was joking at the time.......Not so much, now.

See you tomorrow.


Margaret said...

I do enjoy following your progress and your 'battles' with the demanding Tessie. Your designer chair is progressing wonderfully, it takes some skill to copy a piece of furniture like that. Can't wait to see the final result, but take your time, don't be bullied.

Kathi said...

It looks amazing so far! You deserve a break! Maybe a glass of wine too!?

Peach Blossom Hill said...

This is going to be wonderful! Those wires are hard to tame--I started a measly little basket and gave us in frustration! I dont' see how you are doing it!


rosanna said...

Tessie s a spoilt little witch, we know that, and you are a genius. And that's the simple truth as well.Have a nice day Rosanna

Lisette said...

The wicker chair is a lot of work. But it is very nice. Calm but hot.

Deni said...

Your certainly a wiz on this chair making be great to see what the finished project is like!
That Tessie........hehehehe!!!
I tried to buy the thread you use for making them but no luck here, no matter, finding the time to do it would be harder