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Sunday, May 9, 2010

OK...So I Lied.....

Remember when I said I was quiting at 2:00 PM yesterday? I lied. Just a little. I kept going back the the stupid chair to do just a little more. There is somehting about this chair that is making me obssesive/compulsive.... I finally quit going back about 8:00 PM. This is what it looked like by then.

I got up this morning and went right back to it. The darned thing is like potato chips. You can't eat just one.

When I stopped for lunch, I was here.

At least the light was better for working.
You may have noticed that I am adding circular braces inside. That's how the real chair is done. If I hadn't done that, the shell of the chair would have been very mushy and dentable.

The second ring went in after lunch. It is first wrapped with thread and then stitched in place.

It is 2:00PM once again and I am quiting for real this time.
I will stay away from it until tomorrow. I will stay away from it until tomorrow. I will.....

See you then.

Oops! I almost forgot. Happy Mother's Day!!!


Margaret said...

You're nearly there, Tess is looking excited already.

Kathi said...

You are a weaving machine! It won't take a month at the rate your going!
Looks great!!

FabShabbyRoses said...

Absolutely amazing work! It's going to be just incredible! I have a question....I'm interested in making a standing sewing basket, rounded, and smaller at the bottom, growing bigger at the middle and top. I would like to add spokes instead of having them just spread out as it gets bigger. I read that you did that with this chair. How do you add more? I tried looking up the info on the net and just couldn't find anything. All the info I found was extending the length of the spokes, not adding. Could you show us some closeup pics of that? Thank you!

Caseymini said...

Carolyn, I don't have any examples that you could see clearly now. It is really simple to do. I just add an even number of extra wires by putting a little glue on one end and sticking them next to one of the already in place wires, making sure that they are down a couple of rows into the weaving. Let them dry and continue. Always remember that you have to have an odd number of spokes for the weaving to be continuous.

FabShabbyRoses said...

Ok good, I was guessing how should I go about it? Say I have 49 wires to start with and I want to add half again as many, or so, say 20 more wires....would I add them all in one row evenly spaced around or would you say add 10 and go a couple of rows and add 10 more? I'm guessing all at once so you can evenly space them. But maybe it would look odd to have them all added in one row? I just can't picture it? Oh and by the way...I have new sturdy thicker wire and it works wonderful for the corners on the plant stands. Te-he-he! I've made a few. I'll share that info later! You're so wonderful to share your knowledge....have I told you lately how much I appreciate it?! Thank you thank you!

Caseymini said...

All in one row. Evenly spaced. Use a heavy bodied glue, like Aleene's Fast grab. Good luck!

Kim said...

Casey- this chair is amazing- it is going to look perfect when it is finished! Tessie must be in heaven- I bet she's wanting more than one!