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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Biting The Bullet!

I Have Been very, very bad about welcoming new people to the party for the past three weeks or so ....

HAVING the cold did not help .... I still Have the cough. Enough excuses.

There are over 20 people waiting at the door. Bad Me!

Are you ready? Here we go!

I am going to theser by number in the order That They arrived.

1. Thumbnails of Sylvia Natasylvia Beautiful photography and thumbnails to see here.

2. The Old Maid Of The Hours a sunny, 12 Miniatures An interesting miniature castle to view.

3.Alienora of Dolls and Miniatures Alienory Really neat mini ideas.

4. Elis Minis One of Second Life Incredible mini knitting here!

5. Flower of Flower and FF Bunnies and Other Really cute minis!

6.Eva Krog, another mystery lady. In the blog listed.

7.Amberyder from Welcome to my Dollhouse Her husband built her dollhouse. Pretty in pink.

8. Allie Lakin of Mini Eats Lots of kids yummy food!

9. risa Risata of Sari Sarin's Stuff Lots of interesting to see minis.

10. Wioletta Sz. of Illustracje wiola Beautiful art work here.

11.Mrs Cravitz of A Day in the Life of Mrs. Cravitz Beautiful horses ... Real ones.

12. Christine is another mystery lady.

13. Klara of Maison Du Bonheur Food, flowers and a beautiful townhouse.

14. Marion of The Witch's Cottage Of course, Tessie likes this one .....

15. Of Lola Lola and Miniatures Wonderful crochet in miniature.

16. Lene Abrahamsen mystry lady is # 4.

17. Glenda of Peppercorn Minis Lots of Different minis here.

18. suksaranke of Lietuvos meskiukai go ju draugai Adorable teddy bears!

19. Romina with a blog of the same name. pastery shop.

20. LifeAdorned blog Lots of interesting thoughts.

21. Mystery Ladycobblestone ..... ....

22. Jody Jody's of Miniwereld So many minis! Very nice.

Wow! I did it. I will not wait so long next time. Honest!

Welcome to all of you! Everybody go see What They Have. There are some really nice sites.

Have a cuppa and stay a while!


LifeAdorned said...

hey casey, thanks for the welcome! i think i'll chill awhile and have some tea.

Ana Anselmo said...

Casey, here it is the Elis blog link
, at least one of the ladies mistery is solved
Mini hugs from Lisbon

Caseymini said...

Thanks Ana, I am not sure why, but sometimes the viewer profile for some people don't show their blogs. It is very curious. I fixed it. I have been to Elis's blog before. Her knitting is wonderful!

Ana Anselmo said...

Yes, her work is perfect, I have seen it, she bolongs to a Portuguese Miniature Fórum as I do.
PS: give a mini hug to Tessie from me, I like her very much, she always knows exactly what she wants LOL