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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Big Mac and Some Little Macs

First of all, I thought that I should show you the new macrame that I finished for Tessie....It still has overtones of owl. I am not crazy about it. She doesn't object to the owly part. It's just me.

While I was at it, I dug out a couple of older pieces. This first one with the green beads is the one that I call the "accidental" teddy bear. I didn't intend to make him. He just appeared in the center while I was tending to other things. His face is just above the three groups of beads in the center. After I had finished, I looked at the piece and there he was, with his arms wrapped around the beads. Sometimes inattention turns out to be fun. At least he isn't as blatant as the 70s owls were. He was done around the same time. The whole piece measures about 11" long.

This last piece was done in the early 80s. Someone gave me the medallion that is in the center. It is a link from an Egyptian bracelet. It is copper and brass and engraved with the head of a female Egyptian in full head dress.

It hangs in my archeologist's office. For a long time it didn't have a home. I finally made this room box so that it wouldn't be all alone in the world. Don't forget to poke the photos to make them bigger.

Anyway, it's Sunday and I am taking the rest of the day off, now that I finished the un owl. Tessie still hasn't moved from the pod chair.....Zar is missing.....I think that he tried to get his turn and Tessie zapped him. I have no idea if she changed him into something weird or just locked him away for the day.....I'll think about that tomorrow....

See you then.

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Katie said...

Ooh I love your macrame, especially the one hanging in the archeologists office!