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Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Bad Case of the "I Want"s.....

April and I met for coffee and antiquing this morning.....This afternoon I am trying to outrun Tessie. She is following me everywhere with the book that I found at the mall. It is a Wicker price guide from 1982. It is only 52 pages, but it is crammed full of photos of things to make.

Tessie keeps telling me that she saw this piece and that in houses in the sixties. First it was mushroom stools(top row). Then it was the saddle back(F) on the same page. I had to agree. I had seen lots of both of those back then.

I had to take a red pencil away from her. She wanted to put an X by the pieces that she wanted made.

I finally calmed her down enough to agree to wicker mostly in the garden and maybe a few accessory pieces in the house.

She does like the sewing boxes on legs.....I didn't tell her that I already have one of those around here someplace. I made it about 20 years ago....She doesn't have to know it isn't a new one. I won't tell, if you don't.

Most of the pieces that are in the book are from the later, less ornate styles from the 20s and 30s. At least, if I don't show her the pieces with the curlicues, I won't have to make pieces with curlicues.

Her problem is, she likes it all....She is just like me.....I wonder why that is?

She disappeared for a while and when she came back, she had both drawers of wicker supplies. She zapped them to the family room and demanded, "Clean these out and find what you need to make two chairs, a table, some plant stands and......Oh! I found an already made plant stand. Dibs on the plant stand!!!"

That worked out well. When she discovered the ready made plant stand, she lost her train of thought. Now I only have two chairs and a table on my list. Hey! When she stops talking, I stop making lists. It's only fair.

Maybe if I leak a few other pieces that are already made, one at a time, I can keep her distracted enough to not think of more pieces that she wants made. And maybe, just maybe, by that time the rest of the house supplies will arrive. Then I can keep her distracted with all of the new things for the house itself......Only one problem. How excited can a person get about baseboards and flooring?

Excuse me now. I have to go hide the wicker book, before she gets any more harebrained ideas.

See you tomorrow.


Margaret said...

It's strange how I really started to think of Tess as being quite demanding, wanting you to make all that furniture, and that she really has you under her thumb. lol

Always very entertaining, you're most industrious.

Deni said...

Well one thing is for sure Casey you are never bored.... with someone looking over your shoulder and demanding this and that means you do actually get a few mini things made *wink wink
I so wish I had a class to go to to shake me into making all these wonderful minis, I sure need something to get me going!!!
Oh well....... dream on!