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Friday, April 16, 2010

Some New People and an Award...

Good Morning! We have five new people at the party today and two of them sent me an award!

The first one is Rosy at Rosy Miniaturas
She was new to blog world in January of this year. Lots of new minis to look at.

Next is Nina at The Tudor-Mediaeval-Jaclbean-Queen Anne Dollhouse Project. She has several other sites, but this one is with a group that are doing miniatures together. Beautiful. She goes by Dangerous Mezzo and is one of the new people that presented me with the award.

Then there is Ana Maria. I don't know much about her. No blog listing.

Then we have Margaret of My Petit Patrerre She has been blogging since Fegruary an already has lots of interesting minis to look at. She is the other one that gave me the award.

Lastly there is Oma Makroma. She is another mystery guest.

Welcome to you all. Come on in and joint the party.

Now about the award....I don't seem to see any set rules on how to pass this one on. No specific number anyway.

I am going to take the liberty of sending it along to all of the great people that have signed up to follow this blog. I think that the photo of the award says it all!

Thanks to all of you for joining the party!!!

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