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Thursday, March 11, 2010

"I Found a Hat Shop!"

"Look! In this box, over here!"...That was Tessie about an hour after I started this morning. I was cleaning out different Plano fishing tackle boxes where I keep different categories of supplies.

I had finished the ones labeled "Tuffets" and "Hats" and was working on the one labeled "Clothes and Bags".

I looked up and this is what I saw.....Oops! I left the hat box open. Tessie and Spike were helping....She looked me straight in the eye and said...."I need a hat shop. There is one in this box. All I need is something to put it in."

Actually, she is right. I have a pretty good supply of hats made. And hatstands too.
Spike is even enthusiastic. Tessie has been trying hats on him to see how they look and I hate to say it, but I think he likes it.

Tessie went off to look for a container to make into a hat shop. I have been putting back the ones that she throws on the floor as rejects. I was hoping that she would tire of looking soon....Her attention span is usually shorter than mine. Give it about ten minutes....

I am getting better and better at predicting time limits for her. It was exactly ten minutes, to the second, later when she reappeared on the shelf carrying a tray of cold cuts, a pitcher of bug beer hanging from her hand.

As she trotted towards the kitchen, she yelled over her shoulder, "LUNCH! NOW! So much for the hat shop. If any of you are interested in the hat tutorials, they are here. Have fun! I am going to go eat lunch while I can. She may be back to the hat shop any time now.

See you tomorrow.


Debbie said...

Lovely hats Casey. I've started having a sort out today. Mick brought some boxes down from the Barn for me and I spent the whole afternoon peeking into bubble wrap.

miniacollection said...

Your boxes are full of treasures. A lot of beautiful hats. I agree with Tessie she needs a shop for all the hats. The dog is cute with the hat.

Deni said...

Oh NO!
Not another shop she has on her mind to do surely or should I say for you to do!
You know Casey!
I think I need Tessie to visit me sometime so I will get on with all my projects
She certainly doesn't like you to rest!
lovely hats though!