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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And Still We Wait......

All is forgiven. Zar is back to tolerating Tessie again. Mind you, they are still arguing most of the time, but that's normal.

Probably the best thing that ever happened to my workroom is the delay in shipping on Tessie's Townhouse. I am cleaning like Gangbusters. Hmmmm....I wonder where that phrase came from. "Like Gangbusters?"

The first thing that Tessie dragged off of the top shelf this morning was a small type setter's drawer that I had forgotten about. She announced, "This should hang over the worktable where the townhouse will be. We can fill it with all of the little stuff that I am finding for the house." No sooner said than done. I am learning. It just wastes time to argue.

It only took a few minutes to hang. It would have taken a lot longer if I had argued....And it would have been hung there one way or another anyway.

Next she found a mini shelf that I found at a garage sale somewhere. It was doing no good on the closet shelf. It now has a place on the other side of the table where I work.

See Zar and her trying it out? She pointed out that it was a great place from which to supervise the building. She will be looking over my left shoulder all of the time that I am building. I am not sure if that is a good idea or not....

Now. About the peace treaty.....Zar was rummaging around in the workroom closet and suddenly he shouted, "You have been holding out on US!" His mistake was using the "us" word.
I looked around to see that he had found the double seated jet fueled motorcycle that I was indeed holding back.
I figured that once they found this one, there would be no stopping the two of them. Speed and comfort all rolled into one!

On went the goggles, off sped Zar. When he zoomed back, Tessie was with him.

They are BFF. At least they will be until Tessie tries to take over the driving....Let's see. He found the bike approximately seven minutes ago. Tessie has been on the back for three minutes....I will give it another one and a half minutes.......

"I want to drive now!"


"It's my turn!"

"No it's not!"

"Don't make me get my wand!"

Poor Zar. He is now sitting on the curb, watching Tessie do wheelies. Oh well. At least Tessie's happy. I guess Zar will be back to riding the Steampunk cycle and trying to keep up with her. Steam vs. Jet Fuel? No contest........
I am staying out of this one. Let them race for it!

See you tomorrow.


Jill said...

So Tessie's got a little "Harley Mama" in her! Why does that not surprise me?!

Kathi said...

Of course you know I had to Google gangbusters...
Love seeing these two on the motorcycle! There is NO stopping them now!

miniacollection said...

Zar and Tessie on the motorcycle is just wonderful.

Anna M. said...

Hope Tessie's dress doesn't get caught the wheels, could that happen?