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Friday, March 12, 2010

This Is a Townhouse????

It has arrived! Yesterday afternoon the door bell rang. By the time I got to the front door, the UPS man was already in his truck and speeding away. Those guys don't waste any time these days!

April was here, so I forced her to lug it into the house. Then it simply rested after it's long journey for the rest of the day. It was a very tired little house. Vermont is far, far away.

This morning I opened the box and did the check list and labeled all of the parts. Yes. I am actually following directions! Amazing.

Tessie wandered in after I finished labeling. My hammering woke her up.

Here's a "Where's Tessie?" photo. It will give you some idea what is in store for us. I mentioned hammering. The first thing I have to do is to punch holes where the nails are going to go. That way it will be easier when I actually start putting the thing together.

Tessie volunteered to look cute and point to the holes. I am doing the first ones in the channels where the floors fit into the sides.

The other thing that I have to do is kill all of the rounded corners in the window, door and stair openings.

It is simply a matter of taking my fine toothed saw and straightening them out. Not a big deal, but very boring. I still need to sand the corners also.

Tessie stayed long enough to point and smile at a corner. Then she was finished for the day.

She did come back twelve minutes later(some kind of record for her) and, with a straight face, looked me in the eye and asked....."Is it done yet?"

"See for yourself, Tessie......Not quite."

Sorry this is so short, but I have to get back at it if we are going to get to the fun part sooner, rather than later.

See you tomorrow. Post Script! Tessie here.....I have a door! Look!


Debbie said...

You know what they say Casey no res for the wicked. Tessie is going to be driving you round the twist to get her Manor built. I've had a great day rummaging in all my stash and found lots of stuff I'd forgotten about..

rosanna said...

Such a nice little house And it comes from the Mail... Tessie will be on the moon wit joy. have fun Rosanna

Peach Blossom Hill said...

You'll probably have it built completely before I finish Joanna's wiring! We are going to tackle that task during her spring break week which I think is week after next! would you like to send Tessie to help us?! LOL!


Kathi said...

Your new house looks like a BIG project! I know you'll have it done in a jiffy. Especially with your little coach/hindrance there...

miniacollection said...

I am looking forward to seeing the house. I will be more patient than Tessie ...
I love the door.

MiniKat said...

Can't wait to see more pictures. Have fun, Casey!