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Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day, Part Two....

I love holidays that last longer than they are supposed to last. Today was the second part of the celebration of Valentine's day this year.

Walter took the day off and went out to watch the pros practice for the tournament later in the week, so April and I decided to entertain ourselves by going to breakfast, Michael's and the antique mall.

Breakfast was great because neither one of us had to cook it. Michael's was great because I found a large blank for carving stamps that was on clearance. Then when I got to the register, I got another 20% off with a coupon. That made a somewhat expensive stamp blank, about the size of a piece of notebook paper, very reasonable....About half price.

We got to the antique mall just as it was opening. We wandered around there for almost 3 hours. We each spent around $20.00 and both left satisfied.

This is my haul for the day. April brought me the beautiful geranium, in my favorite color. There was also a rock that she picked up on a hike last weekend. Tessie is setting on that so that you can't really see it. It's a very nice turquoise color. There was also a bar of honeysuckle soap.....

Did I mention that Tessie has a new friend? That's him on the bar of soap. He is just a baby and I made Tessie promise that she would spell him to stay that way. Who knows how big he would get if she just let him grow?

She has been wanting an elephant for some time. I spotted him yesterday and brought him home. She named him Edgar, after her favorite mystery writer. She latched onto his trunk and as she led him around the house to get him acquainted with things, she turned to me and said, "See. Elephants are ever so practical.....Built in leash, don't you see?"

One of the things that I got at the antique mall is going to be hard to get away from Tessie.....What am I saying? ALL of the things will be hard to get away from her.

This one is a small, English Art Deco bowl. April is a bad influence. She talked me into it. She knows what I like.
Now Tessie is trying to talk me out of it. she says that it would make an awesome hot tub....Not going to happen. To put it in Tessie's terms....MINE!!!

I found another house of miniatures kit for a bench. She will probably get that, once I finish it. I also got a bunch of old needle books. Where do all of those needles go? They just seem to disappear every time I want to sew.

My favorite thing of the day was a 1928 issue of Better Homes and Gardens. I want this kitchen!

Armstrong flooring always had the best ads in the 20s and 30s. I could move right into this one with no alterations at all....Well maybe a dishwasher......But I love the colors and the furnishings just as they are.

Unfortunately, Tessie saw it too. I caught her showing it to Edgar and saying, "This is what the kitchen in my new mansion is going to look like. Who knows? Maybe she will get her way on this one. I like it enough to go for it in miniature.

Just don't tell her that if you see her. This is on a need to know basis until I get the tea shop and the Clockwork Cottage finished. She doesn't need to know. You know how she is......"I want this kitchen and I want it NOW!" Shhhhhhh.......

I have to go look at the rest of the magazine.

See you tomorrow.


Debbie said...

Actually Casey that Kitchen would look good in miniature. Love the new addition to the family Edgar the Elephant..xx

beyondbaffled said...

Great haul! I love extended holidays as well :)

HannahFKW said...

WOW! That picture of the kitchen certainly does look amazing! It's given me lot's of idea's for my new project...
Good Luck keeping it a secret :P
Hannah x

April said...

I think you should make the kitchen in miniature to practice and then come over to our house and make it real-human size. Also, I think the bowl is a perfect hot tub for Tessie. You should share!