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Monday, February 15, 2010

Come On In!

Here we go again! More people for the party!
First up is Lydia Chalaux. I don't have a website for her.

Next is Miniannalee of Anna's Minis at She makes some really neat minis. Go see!

Third is Nina of Minimumm at Nina seems to have a fairly new blog. I could find only a few entries.

Then there is Wendie of Wendie's Mini World. She is working on a gorgeous Paper Clay building that will be a school of majick and witchery when finished. Lots of wonderful things to see.

One of my favorite mini bakers is next Christel Jensen. Her cupcakes and other goodies always make me hungry.

Next is My Realitty at Lots of goodies to look at here.

Last ,but not least, is Amica. No info on this one.

A big Welcome to all of you! Come on in and have a cupcake(not as good as Christel's) and a cuppa. Sit a spell.

I'll be back......

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