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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Running With Cheap Scissors.....

We were talking about the different kinds of punches and paper scissors that I use for the geraniums yesterday. I decided to show you some of the inexpensive scissors that I use and what you can do with them. Be sure to poke the photos to make them bigger.

The first two pair of scissors that I used here were actual pinking scissors. I very seldom use them for sewing. The are wonderful for minis. The top two examples are plain square cut pinking scissors. The top one could be used as a border around the top of a room. The second example is what I use them for most of the time. This is representative of 1/4" scale diamond shingles. The third one is scalloped pinking shears. They make great clam shell trim and shingles in quarter inch.They also make leaves. If you turn the scallop to the right and cut the paper, then flip them over and cut another row with the points touching the first row points, you get an oval leaf that you see to the right of the shingles.

Next there are some that came cheaply in a barrel from Walmart. I think that there were eight pair of scissors. Out of those, six were usable for minis.

The first one is a very small scallop. If you want tiny leaves, you use these the same way that you used the larger scallops above.

The second one is just a fancy french edge. You can layer this for a border or run gold along the edge to make it fancy.

Third is one is a fancy scallop that you can use the flip method to make holly leaves for Christmas. I used this one and the fourth one to make two different sized leaves for the wreath that was on the porch door at Christmas. You score down the center of the leaf with a very small ball stylus to make it curve.

The fifth and sixth are both wavy edges in different sizes....Large or small leaves by the flip method.

Needless to say, you can make other trims and decorations with these. Experimentation can be fun.
In the second picture, there are several standard punches from Michael's and other craft stores.

The green edging one at the top can be used for borders, but I really bought it because it makes nine nice leaves in one punch.....The only trouble is, this one takes a lot of strength.

Beneath that are five little dots that were from a 1/16" scissor type punch. I use those for buttons and coins, among other things.

The sunburst can be cupped and used for flowers with a large center.
the purple six sided one is one that I use in the geraniums, along with the other more expensive punches. If you don't mind all the same size leaves, you can have geraniums with this one. So far I have not found an inexpensive tiny flower punch for the flowers.

The curly corner punch is the one that I used to make the gingerbread on the front porch of the Haberdashery. I simply glued about 6 of them in layers, let them dry and painted them. you can't tell them from the expensive wooden ones. There are several corner punches out now that will work for this.

The bottom middle leaf is one that has a small piece of stem on one end. I like that one because you can attach the stem to a branch easily by bending it and gluing that part to a branch.

The last one is simply a 3/4" square punch. You can get these in several sizes. They cut great tiles. No measuring, no rulers and knives for cutting.

Now I have only one problem. Tessie. She was following me around as I was gathering up the supplies that I needed for this entry.....She caught me at the old greenhouse. It is not in very good shape at the present time. I tend to grab plants out of there when I need them elsewhere. That's what greenhouses are for. However....I have not been replanting.

She is now on my case to get the greenhouse spruced up. She says she needs a place to grow herbs for spelling.

I need to figure out a way to take the scratches out of Plexiglas. The windows are in pretty bad shape. If I know that someone is going to look at it, I rub lemon oil on them. It works for a while. Then they go back to being scratchy. I really don't want to replace all of the windows. It might be easier just to build a new one.

Meanwhile, she has locked herself in and refuses to come out until I clean it up........HEY!!! Does that mean that I get time off until it gets fixed? Hmmmmmm.......Let's see. I may be able to start next Tuesday. See me tiptoeing away with a big smile on my face?

See you tomorrow.


smidge girl said...

There's a product called Novus Polish that you can get at any hardware or automotive store, or most likely at Walmart. It's a scratch remover that you basically just rub into your plexiglass, and it buffs out the scratches. I use it all the time, you might find it helpful for your greenhouse :)

Caseymini said...

Carey, I pushed the button to publish your comment and it disappeared. I think Blogger is eating some of the comments for breakfast. If you want to try again, I will.

Smidge Girl, thanks for the info. I will look for the polish.

rosanna said...

Why on hearth there is nothing like that over here. I mean things coming cheap. Fancy scissor are awfully expensive at my place. Thaks for all the tips Rsanna

Caseymini said...

LOL I just found Carey's comment. It went to the previous blog entry. DUH....That's how my morning is going so far.

MiniKat said...

LOL! I wonder how long it will take Tessie to start witching everything important into the greenhouse so she stays comfortable during her protest. Or something shiny and new will catch her eye and she'll come out in a flash.

Maybe you could work on the Clockwork Cottage for a bit? Of course that will get her to pop out of there like a whack-a-mole game during a power surge. ;-)

Caseymini said...

Kat, You don't get it. I am perfectly happy for her to stay there. I may actually get something done while she is doing her protest thing. Just as long as she doesn't try to zap me in, I am going to ignore her and go do something that I want to do for a change.LOL

Eva J said...

Thank you for the tips about the
scissors - and for all the other
tips you share so generously. I
read your blog all the time, and
I have learned a lot from you.
Thank you for that!
Eva J

Deni said...

Thank you for the heads up on the scissors, I found mine even though I have 7 of them none are the same as you have! grrrr
So maybe I can find some the same will take a look next week!!!

Caseymini said...

Deni, experiment with the ones that you have. You may be surprised what they will yield in the way of leaves or just decorative borders for a room.

Jo Raines said...

Love the paper punches and pinking shears examples. I have two pairs of pinking shears and never use them for sewing either. I'll have to experiment. I have made several hydrangeas with a paper punch and sold them on Etsy but it seems for now the only flower I can manage! I need to expand my repertoire! I'll study these photos more extensively.

Jody--just a note that I've changed my blog name from Mini Leaps and Bounds to Peach Blossom Hill. Hope you'll drop by when you can!

miniacollection said...

Thank you for the ideas.

cockerina said...

Casey, your explanation of the scissors are very interesting ... in a stationery time ago I saw a set of scissors with blades, cheap, it is worth buying and try to experiment ... than punching, which are very expensive, it seems a more acceptable operation ... thanks a lot, you were really precious! good weekend!

Deni said...

Thank you Casey I played around for a bit this am, but had so much else to do, I didn't quite work out any leaves as yet, but I do have some nice borders though!!

aru said...

El uso que se le puede dar a las tijeras es muy bueno. Gracias.
Pero no has tenido en cuenta que tus "manitas" son lo mas importante.


Christel said...

That was a very creative use of sissors. Great tip:)