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Friday, February 5, 2010

You Get One Cookie.....

I am back to working on Tessie's Teas. Yup. Tessie figured out that threatening to stay in the greenhouse until I refurbished it was a mockery.

She decided that my time would be put to better use making her a new cappuccino machine.

She has been using Zar's old one. She "borrowed" it from his kitchen in the middle of the night a couple of weeks ago. I have a suspicion that was the reason for trying to keep him out of the tea shop.

His was a double cup machine that could put out two cups simultaneously. She decided that it was too big and took up too much space in the shop.

I gathered up all of the parts for a new machine. I didn't have any of the old copper sheeting left. I opened a new package that I got from and discovered that it was a mere shadow of the old stuff. It was more like the thickness of typing paper than tooling foil like the old stuff. I made it work, but I can't say that I am happy with it.

Tessie demanded that her new machine be smaller and more delicate.....OK. I made it 1/2" shorter than Zar's. Don't tell her. She hasn't figured out that it has the same footprint as the old one.

I put a few more findings and brass curlicues on hers. And it is a lot shinier than Zar's. As long as it sparkles and shines she is a happy camper.

I put a lot of the merchandise that I made in the main part of the shop...Not nearly enough.

I then tried a half table in wicker to see how it would look. It is out of another scene and not the right color, but I just wanted to see what wicker would look like. Food, table and chairs are about all I have left to do.

Zar was summoned to take back his "useless old machine" earlier.

Tessie gave it back and magnanimously told him...."You may choose a cookie as payment for using your machine."

He refused it, saying,"I will have a dozen cupcakes. The machine is worth more than a cookie."

That made Tessie mad and she started throwing things at him and told him, "No Cupcakes! Get out!". He proceeded out the door, leaving it wide open.

Tessie continued throwing things well after he was outside. Zar calmly pulled a recyclable canvas shopping bag from his back pocket. He managed to pick up a couple dozen wrapped cupcakes, several muffins, a chocolate cake in a box and several packages of tea from the sidewalk. His dastardly plan worked. He will be eating well for the next week!

See you tomorrow.


Irene said...

It's a very impressive cappuccino machine!

Deni said...

That is a wonderful coffee machine
I don't know how you make these things, pretty amazing to me anyway!
Tea shoppe is looking great the curtains are beaut I am making some now actually your method
Im a bit lazy today not unusual for me, everyday, actually! need a bit of a push!!!

dalesdreams said...

The cappuccino machine is very cool! Ingenius! How do you come up with these ideas? lol

The tea shop looks like it's coming along nicely. :)

MiniKat said...

Sneaky sneaky, Zar!

miniacollection said...

The coffee machine is great. I like the curtains too. I enjoyed reading Tessie's story, such a strong personality.

Tabitha Corsica said...

This shop is moving along at a considerable pace...I often wonder how you find the time to do everything you do and still have time to blog about it. I've come to the decision that you have live-in help. ;-)

The steampunk cappucino machine is fab. I am sure Tessie is quite pleased...and the shop looks great!


Crafts From The Stash said...

Thats a lovely machine Casey. Its been joy to see the tea house come to live. I hope Tesse doesnt get bored with it too quickly and nag you to do something else for her.

Debie xxxxx