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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Geraniums, Continued.....

When we left you yesterday, we had just finished poking pieces of Nandina into the pots for the geraniums.

The next step is the flowers. See all of those little black beads? They used to be colored, cheap plastic beads. I sprayed them black. I prefer flat black to shiny. The reason being that when they show through between the flowers on each head, flat doesn't show. Shiny does.

Kathi asked yesterday where I got the punched leaves and flowers. The answer is some big mean punches that can only be purchased by mail. I will have to look up the name of the company. I have had them for years. I have one each for the large and medium geranium leaf and one
for the tiny 5 petal flower. I also use a smaller leaf punch that I got at Michael's or Joanne's That one is a regular one from the scrapbook section. I have to cut off the tip of each leaf in that smaller size to make it round. It is pointed at one end.

Always punch at least four times the leaves and flowers that you think that you will need. It takes an extreme number for each plant.

OK. Back to the flowers. It is important to have a bottle of Aileen's Fast Grab or something similar to put everything together. If you try to use regular Tacky or Elmer's, you will just be flust-er-at-ed(This was my daughter's word. She used it when she was little. I think that it describes how I feel more than frustrated does.) The leaves and flowers will just fall off as soon as you let go of them.

I start at the top center of the bead and put on one flower. Then I circle that one with about six more and keep going until I can't see the bead anymore.
Then I put glue at the end of each branch on the little knobs. Usually you can balance a leaf on each one and tilt them this way and that to make it look natural. I fill in if there are holes by attaching the leaves to the side of the stems.

That's basically all there is to it.

Did I mention that there is trouble at Tessie's Teas again?

I am afraid that there is going to be an all out duel. Zar is still hanging around, begging for cupcakes. This morning he showed up with the Mesmerizer. He should have learned by now that Tessie is wise to that. No more hypnotic trances for her. She told him to "Beat it!"

She has been too busy with the tea shop to pop over to the Clockwork Cottage. She can't be bothered.

Tessie knows where the secret room is now and is pretty much ignoring it and Zar.

She told me yesterday whilst we were working on the pots, "I know about the room behind the bathroom. I am not telling Zar. I don't think he needs to know where all of his spare parts are going. I almost have enough to build my very own espresso machine. Just a couple more night raids and it will be finished.

So when he came back for the second time a little while ago, she was ready for him. She still has the sign up for cupcakes by appointment only. I guess she is serious about that.

As he rounded the corner, he made the mistake of stopping to admire the new geraniums. Tessie saw him coming, through the window. As he started for the door, she stepped outside. She leveled the Steampunk pistol at him. He dropped the Mesmerizer and ran.

Remember the last time she got him with the pistol? It took him three days to get over that one. He didn't want more of the same. He took off in the direction of the Witch's Warehouse. I suspect that he wants to try to counter her Steampunk pistol with some witchcraft.

Unfortunately, I don't think that he is going to get much help at the Warehouse.....Maybe before he arrives he will remember that Tessie and her two sisters own the place.

I am certainly not going to warn him. He is on his own. As soon as he ran, Tessie picked up the Mesmerizer, looked at it, shined the crystal on her sleeve and said, "Hmmmmm.....This just might come in handy....."

I am staying out of her way for the rest of the day. An irritated witch with a Steampunk powered pistol in one hand and a Mesmerizer in the other? I am definitely not that crazy!

Gotta run now.

See you tomorrow.


Crafts From The Stash said...

Casey you are so clever, you blow me away with all the great ideas you come up with. As I said before I do read your blog every day its wonderful.
Debie xxxxxxxx

Olivia said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial! I am going to try these as I need a bunch for my windowbox. Looking forward to more. Thanks again!

MiniKat said...

Good luck, Casey! I hope you can dodge quickly. ;-)

Kathi said...

I'm hoping to find the leaf punches and also not to get fluster-ated when I try to do this!
Thanks for the fabric photos. I'm so excited about the gift I'll receive for YOUR birthday! :D

Tabitha Corsica said...

The name of the company that manufactures the heavy duty punches is MC Mieth Manufacturing in Fl. The website is

Funnily enough, there is another company in the Northeast (either NJ or Conn) also named Mieth (PJ) which sells these also. I understand they are brothers.

I have quite a few of these from the PJ Mieth company. I see the price has gone up significantly since I bought mine. Our club members each bought a different one and then we'd get together and have a punch night. Then we'd make flowers. Thanks for the memories!


miniacollection said...

I love the windowsill with the geraniums.

Deni said...

Those geraniums look great! I would luv to make flowers and am trying to find some punches over here but no luck so far
I did find the "Laurel" punch today to make Flowers but it was AUD$24.99 I looked at it for awhile and thought NO I better not right now as I had already spent quite a bit of money at Ikea...
Oh well later maybe!!!

Caseymini said...

I first posted this over on Tabitha's site,but am adding some more here.Tabitha, thanks for the info. It would have taken me days to find out who the manifacturer was. There is/was a company that used to advertize their punches in the back of Miniature Collector and Nutshell News. They are very expensive. I managed to get them through a couple of dealers that were willing to get them for me for wholesale. That really helped. I have 5 of them and expect them to last a lifetime and more. They are good quality, heavy duty tools.

I do use other cutters and punches along with these, but they don't last and must be replaced every few years. Some of my Meith punches are over 20 years old and going strong.

Carey said...

Hi Casey,
Love the flowers. Thanks for the tutorial. I have wanted to buy the punches but could never find them. Thanks for giving that info.

Kathi said...

I'm finally going to try making geraniums! Thanks so much for your tutorial!
I posted a link today for flower and leaf punches. Creative Images has LOTS to choose from!