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Thursday, February 25, 2010

No Photos Please!!!

It seems to be one step forward, two steps back, today. I had other things that needed to be done, so I didn't get to work on the dolls much. I destroyed as much as I added.

I took off the bloomers on the buxom lass. It was for the best. They were just too baggy.

Then I proceeded to shave two out of three heads. I had started these two and stopped after I attached the hair. They were getting pretty bad bed heads from laying in the parts box for so long.

I did get a lace petticoat on the blond and painted all of the shoes. I guess that counts as four steps forward and three steps back.....

I set the three girls up for photos in back of the tea shop. If what Tessie says is true, they won't mind. They are still not cognisant of what is happening around them.

Tessie spotted me. She immediately objected, saying, "Stop that right now! How embarrassing!"

She grabbed a scrap of material and covered them. I asked her why she was doing that since she said that they weren't aware yet.

She hissed at me,"Zar will be here any minute! He has a cupcake appointment!"

"Oops! I guess I should have checked the cupcake schedule before I started." I said.

She was getting hysterical and shouted,"You shouldn't be doing it at all! What if these genteel ladies wake up and see what you did? They will probably all go into apoplexy!"

Where in the world does she find these terms? I think that she has been reading Webster's College Dictionary in her spare time again. Or maybe it was too much Jane Austin......

As luck would have it Zar was right on time for his cupcake.

Just as he was coming in the door.....Wait a minute! He has a key??? Tessie shoved all three of the ladies towards me and spun around on her heels.

I managed to catch the ladies and I heard her yell at Zar, "Give me back that key! Now!!!"

To keep the peace, I intervened and told Zar that it wasn't nice to steal keys at Grand Openings. I am wondering how many cupcakes he has filched in the last week....He finally forked it over.

Tessie was so mad that she kicked him out without a cupcake and kicked me out with three half naked ladies! It is going to take a few days to get back into her good graces for both of us.....Back to dressing.

See you tomorrow.


Christel Jensen said...

Lol..This is funny and almost like a little book of stories:)

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Poor 'nekkid' ladies as we call them in the south. It's a good thing Tessie is watching out for their integrity and innocence.


dale said...

Oh, my!

I hope they don't get all apoplexy!

miniacollection said...

I like your story and the photo with Tessie holding the fabric in front of the dolls.

esen said...

Oh my God.Yhey are very nice dolls

My Realitty said...

Ha ha, too cute! Cupcakes for all! CM

Michelle's Mad World said...

lol I love Tessie and the fabric photo! lol Let's hope for her sake, you get the other dolls dressed quickly! ;o)

Michelle :o)

Roberta said...

I make a box with your idea of Tampax applicator and it's fantastic the result.
Thanks to have shared with us.
Hug for you and Tessie