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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Witchy Wednesday Meeting.....

Tessie forced me to take three ladies, as guests, to the mini meeting this afternoon. Officially, they aren't really ladies yet. I got as far as padding the bodies of all three.

I made pantaloons for the blond....Tried using an extra pair of Tessie's for the brunette. she is a rather buxom lass and will have a pouter pigeon look to her outfit when finished.

After I got the sewing done on her bloomers, I decided that Tessie's were too long for her. I am going to take them off and make her some of her very own. She doesn't like hand me downs.

She now has the proper shape for the style, but the bloomers just don't do a thing for her.

The third poor lady didn't get anything but padding.

Did I mention that the WWs were all having too much fun catching up to get much done? We had an actual lunch of home made lasagna, spinach salad and garlic toast. Did I also mention that the witch in charge of the meeting has a restaurant downtown and the food is out of this world?

We didn't get much done and we did eat a lot. I finally gave up and gave into dessert.

I think that this is much prettier than the dolls. It's a sinfully delicious, Chocolate mousse pie with homemade Carmel sauce and Carmel ice cream....

So much for working on dolls.....I am too full to work.

See you tomorrow!

Post Script: Irene at Apples Tea Rooms and Anna of Anna's Minis have awarded me the Sunshine Award. Thank you both. Since this is the third and fourth time I have received this award, I am going to cheat and count the first six blogs that I awarded it to, as my "pass-it-ons". Thanks again ladies!


Deni said...

Oh nice dolls!She is a bit busted that one on teh right isnt she? A bit harder to dress those dolls lol

Gorgeous choccie food luv it!!!!
Sorry......couldn't help myself!!!

Kim said...

I love the dolls so far---but I am really really jealous about that desert-yum, yum, yum!!!