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Friday, February 26, 2010

Witchy Fairy Godmother.....

I caught Tessie trying to do some styling for the three ladies this morning. She set up a beauty salon on one of the tile displays. Before I found her, she had done a great job on the buxom lady. She is now a Gibson Girl.The blond was already styled so all she had to finish was the small brunette.

She was having the most difficulty with her because she is a modern lady and more difficult to do and make look good.

I sneaked in with the camera and Tessie immediately saw me and started yelling for me to cease and desist. In fact, those were almost her exact words. "Casey! Cease and desist that intolerable snapping right now! Remember what I told you yesterday?"

She proceeded to shoo me away and said, "If this continues, I am going to give these people some of my clothes so that they can defend themselves!" And that is just what she did.

The next thing I knew, she had moved them all to her closet and dressed them in anything that she could find......Unfortunately for me, as soon as she got them dressed, they all started backing her up. All were chattering at once about the disarray of their costume.

I think that she knew just what she was doing. I can no longer put them back in the parts box without being arrested for cruel and inhumane treatment.

Her next step was to take them all in and show them where I had been keeping them and warning them that if they, meaning Tessie and them, didn't stick together, I might manage to force them back in there.....She made it sound just horrible.

They are all now in the bedroom discussing which patterns and fabrics they would prefer for their new clothes. Here we go again. It doesn't look like I can get out of finishing them now.

I thought that you might like a close up of their faces. I can't claim the beautiful paint job. Someone else did that. It's almost hard to believe that they are 1:12 scale.

The hair is done on the first two, with the exception of hair ornaments. The last one still needs styling.

I can see what I am going to be doing for the next few days. Tessie is standing over me with a whip and a chair......

I guess I should go back to work.

See you tomorrow.


Irene said...

They do have beautiful features - some can look quite scary!

Susanne said...

Tessie is such an active and creative lady!

Deni said...

They have really lovely faces!
The busty ones hair looks great Tessie
Goodonya Tessie cover those busty ladies up hahahaha!!!
Ooo I hope Tessie doesn't want a hairdressers shop now shhhhhhh!

miniacollection said...

I like the hair style. Tessie did a good job.

beyondbaffled said...

Casey your ladies are beautiful! You do seem to be outnumbered by dolls at this point though!

Kim said...

oh no Casey- we all should have seen this coming and warned you! Now you are outnumbered for sure- I hope they don't work you till your fingers bleed!