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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You Call That a Door???

I managed to escape from the evil uneven exchange juice. The dose was too small to keep me wanting to build a stove more than a few minutes. Thank Goodness!!!

Sometimes it is really good to be the overgrown one in the family, as Tessie has dubbed me.

I decided that I should get a door on the tea shop before Tessie started nagging again.

I furthermore decided that It should somewhat match the windows, so I started with illustration board and worked out.

I didn't want a solid door on the shop, so I measured out the molding for the edges of the door and then cut rounded corners on the mat board to fit it.

I glued the molding to the outside of the door then I flipped it over and put a piece of the plastic in the oval and the molding over that.

I had it setting in clamps when Tessie came out of the tea shop. She took one look at it and named this entry for the blog. "You call that a door? It looks terrible. It needs to be all one color and it has no knob or lock. How am I going to keep anybody out with that thing?"

She finally ran out of breath. I grabbed it and quickly painted it. That appeased her a bit.

I dug into my hardware drawer and found a doorknobs with face plates that had keyholes.

I propped the door in place and she decided it was OK after all. Sparkly gold doorknob. Two sparkly keys. What's not to like?

I went away for a while to work on something real sized. When I returned, she had put the crowning touch on the door.

You can poke the photo and read, or I can tell you what it says......"Cupcakes By Appointment Only"

She turned and looked at me. She said, "There! I have the keys. I am locking the doors and if anybody wants to buy a cupcake they will have to hunt me down."

I noticed in the last photo that the glass in the door needs a good washing. I wonder if Windex works in her water pistol.......

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Tessie's door looks great! Any advice for someone who is going to try to make a window? :D

Caseymini said...

Kathi, just do a lot of dry fitting and start out with just a hair smaller than you think you need. The size tends to grow just a bit with the paint and glue that is involved in putting them together. Good Luck.

De said...

The door looks great!

miniacollection said...

Great door! Tessie can sometimes be harsh with you... I am glad she appreciated the door when it was finished.

Gonda's miniature said...

Very nice door you make,It's all so nice to see what you make with Tessie.

Johanna said...

That door is gorgeous, great idea!