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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"You Don't Have an Appointment!"

"I have a key and I'm not afraid to use it! Theo, get away from the cupcakes!!!" That was how my morning started. Tessie has started filling tables, and shelves to see how they will fit in the tea shop. It seems that Theo has a sweet tiger tooth. Here, all this time, I thought that they liked meat.

Tessie grabbed the plate of cupcakes from the table and put them high in the wall cupboard and locked it. I didn't bother to tell her that there is no glass in the front openings.

This is not the permanent table arrangement. I believe that she is going to have to settle for two smaller tables and maybe four chairs.

She is still talking "By appointment only.". Her theory is, that will make the shop more exclusive. "Everybody will want to be able to say that they had tea at Tessie's." she told me.

She is doing well at filling the worktable and the hanging shelf. I did notice that she thought nothing of swiping Zar's cappuccino machine. Somehow there is a double standard around here. Her side of the standard is a lot larger than the standard of the rest of the world.

Thanks to Debbie at Tiny Treasures she has a golden tea service to serve special guests. I won it at Debbie's birthday drawing last year. Tessie confiscated as soon as she saw it.

I have started making boxes of teas from various printies websites. I am going to need a lot more, because Tessie wants some for the attic.

I did start a shelf unit for the opposite end of the shop. Tessie took one look at it and declared it "adequate". She was hoping for something larger. That's as big as I could make it and still fit it into the shop. I still have to sand and paint it.

She is presently perusing my cookbook collection for recipes. I hid the cupcake book that I received for Christmas in '08. I am officially through with cupcakes.

She already has lots of cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, larger cakes, tea and coffee. That's not enough. Now she wants all of the shelves filled. If this place is by appointment only, I think that she should bake as she goes. I am not going to stand around and wait to fill orders.

By the way, I also hid the Steampunk water pistol. Poor Zar is not going to get pulled into cupcake making. He has enough to do in his own house.

I seem to remember my list saying that the Clockwork Cottage would be finished first.....I wonder what she did to reverse the order? Maybe if I finish the tea shop she will be out of my hair for a while, keeping up with appointments.

I am quiting for the day. I need a vacation from Tessie. It's Wednesday. I get to spend the afternoon with other mini witches.

See you tomorrow.


Susanne said...

..That Tessie, that Tessie, so much energy and persistence that woman has! I´m glad you can handle her ;-)

Deni said...

Looking really lovely Casey!
Your blog encourages me to get on with my mins!

May I have an appointment, Tessie Please I would like a cuppa & one of your lovely cupcakes!

Karin Corbin said...

I don't know much about a tiger's sweet tooth but I can verify that siamese cats have one. My two boys will take your arm off trying to get to a bite of angel food cake, it is one of their top 5 favorite foods. They have gotten on the counter and dragged the whole container of cake onto the floor. That being true your little friend is right to be wary of the tiger.

miniacollection said...

I like your teashop, and I see that Tessie is stubborn,I laugh seeing her with her key in her hand.

kimberlyncreations said...

Tessie better get some shoes before the health department shuts her down!

Caseymini said...

Karin, I have a cat that is half Siamese and half Russian blue. He is the worst for sweets. He tried to crawl into the little hole in the top of Starbucks Mocha Frappuchino to get at the whipped cream and one of his favorites is cantaloupe!

Deni said...

Oh Luv that one Kimberly
No Shoes health department may shut her down....hahahahahaha! she will wave her magic I guess Kim!

Deni said...

Tessie maybe able to sell teapots as well as her cakes that would fill the shelves up
I can see those top ones filled with pretty little teapots!

Debbie said...

Been out of sorts for a few days Casey, so playing catch up. Glad to see Tessie is making use of the Gold Tea Service..x