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Monday, January 18, 2010

Longing for a Cupcake......

Yesterday, after I had the windows finished, Zar decided to see if he would be able to open them, once the building was closed.....Unfortunately, Tessie heard and saw what he was doing, stepped up behind him and pointed the Steampunk water pistol at him. As she did, she snarled at him...."Drop the pliers, Buster!" Then, without warning, she doused him with whatever juice was in the gun.

He obediently dropped the pliers and walked away in a sort of trance.

By the way, before I forget, I finished the windows by cutting plastic to fit and sandwiched it between the two pieces of each frame with Aileen's Fast grab. Then I cut thin strips of the golf leading tape with scissors and stuck it to both sides of the window in the same pattern. Then I painted the panes of "glass" with clear nail polish on the outside surface to make it wavy.

I fitted them in the windows, but I still have to cut arches of trim for the area above the windows on the inside.

I still have to do something about the tiny triangle between the top of the double window.....I am still thinking about that. Maybe I will just put a bird's nest in there.

Meanwhile, Tessie informed me this morning that she stayed up all night and guarded the doorway to make sure that the juice didn't wear off of Balthazar, so that he could come back and invade.

A little while ago Zar showed up at the front, door less, door of the tea room. He had bags and armfuls of boxes of tea and coffee of all kinds.

I heard him begging for just one more strawberry cupcake in exchange for the coffee and tea.

Tessie finally took the coffee and tea, gave him one tiny strawberry cupcake and sent him on his way.

She turned to me and said....."That will teach him. The juice was an "uneven exchange spell". I get to trade whatever I want from him for a measly cupcake."

She started stacking the beverages inside. The last thing she said with a grin...."It's good for three trades. That was all the coffee and tea I will need to open the shop. Let's see if he can crochet tablecloths...." and then....."And I am going to need lots of other things besides cupcakes to sell. You get him an oven and I will tell him what to bake."

Suddenly I have a strange urge to build a stove for the Clockwork Cottage.....I wonder where that came from. Oh look. My hand is all wet....How did that happen? "Tessie, I need a cupcake!"

See you tomorrow.


Debbie said...

Love the windows Casey and I'd hide that water pistol before you start on Tessie's other place, else you could find yourself in all kinds of trouble.. LOL xx

dalesdreams said...

The windows look great. Nail polish to make the windows look wavy, I'm going to have to remember that!

The bird's nest sounds like a great idea. :)

Sans! said...

I like the windows a lot! The uneven trade juice..hmm

I think bird nest is a great idea or even ferns

rosanna said...

That's why Zar paid so much for one mere cupcake. Tessie is very clever ut she loves cheating too much.You'd be better stay out of her way for a while Hugs Rosanna BTW lovely windows.

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

What about filling the tiny triangle with more plastic and painting the inside with a clear coloured nail polish so it looks like stained glass?
Hope you recover from Tessies spell soon!

Evelien said...

Those windows are amazing! Like the lead you used and the wavy look.

How do you come up with these things (uneven trade juice) LOL! That picture with Tessie and the gun is hilarious!

groetjes Evelien

Caseymini said...

Susan, I had already assumed that the little triangle would be filled with a window...It would be drafty without it. I just want to add more interest. Thus the bird's nest.

I can't claim credit for the nail polish idea. I have used it for at least 20 years. I read it in a magazine. I think that Ric Pierce and a couple of others read the same magazine. Lots of people use it. I used it in the book store and Tessie's cottage. When I did the Buttercup Bookstore,I did a more thorough tutorial on it. Both of those have the colored glass.

Irene said...

The windows look great, well worth the effort and I too am going to remember the nail varnish trick - thanks for that.

Karin Corbin said...

That small opening is scone shaped, just stuff one in there.