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Monday, January 11, 2010

A Little More to Your Left.....

This will be a short one. It's Monday and I am doing the laundry and cleaning the house simultaneously.

I am definitely not going to get a lot of mini-ing done today. Maybe towards night I will get to do something, but that will be too late to write about.

The only thing that I have done that even resembles a miniature attempt is this bowl of make up tray liners. They are from the kits that I purchased at the after Christmas sale at Walmart.

I do this every year. I wait until they are 75% off and then grab a few make up kits that have metal liners in the bottom.

These will serve as trays, cake pans and other tins in mini and they will come in handy for making cabochons for bead work.

First I dig the make up out of the trays and pry them out of the trays. Then I soak them. As you can see, the water is turning kind of pink. That is from the mixture of half water,half white vinegar and a bit of dish detergent. This will serve to clean the last residue out, so that they will be ready for other uses.

Tessie was right there counting and making plans... This one is from last year's haul. These were particularly useful as cinnamon roll pans.

Tessie baked these this morning. Too bad she can't make larger, people sized ones.

When I came in here to write the entry a little while ago, Tessie dragged in the chase lounge and my best afghan and made herself comfortable. I wondered what she was up to.

She sat there for a few minutes all cozy and warm. Then suddenly, there was Zar. It seems that she was too warm with the afghan over her lap. She was afraid to take it off because she knew that I would confiscate it....It is mine, after all.

Her solution to the dilemma was to spell Zar into waving her new fan whilst she sat there. I didn't say it was a rational solution.....

I just heard her, in her best uppity voice, say to Zar, "Go fetch me a cinnamon roll, if you please! And then continue fanning a little more to your left.... A little faster. It is sooooo hot in here."

I can't take any more of this. I know I'm not getting my afghan back and I certainly am not getting the housework done listening to this nonsense. I am going back to work.

See you tomorrow.


rudoo said...

That is a great idea with the make up kits! I will have to go see if my Wal-Mart has anything left. Thanks!

Josje said...

Laundry and cleaning here today too. No Tessie to distract me though so I got a lot done, haha! She is quite a handful!
Great tip about the make up kits. I'll have to check my old kits, maybe they have nice trays hiding in them as well.

Eliza said...

Love the little tray of cinnamon buns! I always try to pick up inexpenive nailpolish after Christmas. There are so many uses for it in miniature (glazing "porcelain", as lenses in glasses,etc) and it also made great enameling one year when I made jewelry to go with my halloween costume.

beyondbaffled said...

I agree - gotta see what Wal-Mart has left from Christmas. I just wonder if there is anything you can do with the makeup other than throw it out? Of course if it was the right color I could wear it, but that would require getting up earlier and putting forth more effort than it already takes to get me out of bed each morning!

Caseymini said...

The ones that I bought were very inexpensive by the time they got down to 75% If you go to buy, make sure that there are metal liners in them. Some are just in the plastic without the liners. I seldom keep any of the make up. It is usually not very good.

Josje, I have been known to buy make up to use for myself just because it has interesting trays. I need to go through my old ones again.

cockerina said...

ah ah ah! very funny!
beautiful pool and the beautiful fan!
but above all, I can finally post a comment in your blog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks !!!!!!!!
is some time that I follow your blog, I am registered, but only read, not write comments because I was not easy to access, and I was discouraged ... but now I can, and I'll come to see you more often ...
greetings from Italy

Irene said...

This made me smile! I've just joined your blog and looking forward to catching up with Tessie and Zag.

miniacollection said...

I love your last photo, and Tessie's comments.

MiniKat said...

Oh boy... this can't end well.

Tell Tessie that if she behaves I will have something to send to her after we move. ;-)