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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Upper Hand.....

The day started out with more cleaning. The workroom is out of control once more.

Remember when I sorted out the thread the other day? There it is sitting in the middle of the floor, waiting to be put in it's place. The only problem is I am not sure where that place should be....

I am slowly, but surely getting things back where they belong. I swear that Tessie and Zar come in here at night and have riotous parties. How else could it be so bad?

By the way, when I first went in there this morning, Zar had finally gotten the upper hand. It seems that while he was out getting Tessie a bug beer that she wanted, he tripped over the Mesmerizer. That messed up the spell that Tessie put on him and gave him an idea all at the same time.

When I got to the workroom, Zar was comfortably seated in the chase and had the bug beer perched upon my afghan, which was now covering his knees. He had the Mesmerizer spinning in his hand and, wonder of wonders, Tessie was madly waving her fan at him.

After about an hour of working and fanning, I threatened Zar with dire consequences if he didn't let Tessie go. That was a mistake on my part.....

The two of them made up and started searching the room for things that they could use.

On a top shelf, they found two of the gift boxes that I got last year at the after Christmas sale. They fought over which one of them should get the red one for a while and when I couldn't stand the bickering any longer, I settled it by telling Zar that red was "such a girly color". That did it. He immediately decided to go for the brown....Darn! I should have told them both that alligator skin was not suitable for either of them.

After having their heads together for a while, they announced that they both needed closets. They were both jealous of April. She has the last closet that I made.

I tried a weak argument that the closets wouldn't fit in either of their houses. Tessie solved that problem...."It will be an anex of Spiderwort Manor and I will simply put a screen in one corner to create a dressing area."

Zar quickly agreed. He looked at Tessie and then turned to me and added "What she said."

So now the dilemma is, do I keep cleaning and have them both harassing me, or do I stop and build two closets? If I do the latter, I will have one or the other of them haranguing me throughout the process. I think I will just throw them both out of the room and lock the door. Sooner or later they will turn on each other and go back to arguing which one gets the first closet.

Problem solved. For the time being, I have the upper hand......

See you tomorrow.


Debbie said...

Can't you leave them both in the boxes and not let them out for a couple of hours. At least your get some peace. LOL

Caseymini said...

Good thinking, Debbie. Too bad it's too late. They are already out and it worked. They aren't speaking to each other again.They're both whinging at me instead! LOL

MiniKat said...

...and I was right.

You really need to steal one of Tessie's spell books and zap them with sleeping spells. That way they are quiet and out of mischief.

Deni said...

if you want some peace I guess build those darn cupbords hahahahaha!
oh stick em back in, Casey! put something in the boxes they both really want badly & while they are there, lock 'em in!lol
Bide some time!hehehehe!
Gosh Im gettina bit mean today!!!

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

I don't know how you cope! Is your hair thinning from pulling it out in frustration? ;0)

Caseymini said...

I fixed them. After I shooed them out of the room, I hid the boxes. All day I have been telling them I don't know what they are talking about. I think that they are beginning to believe that the boxes never existed.....I can only hope.