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Monday, January 11, 2010

More Welcomes!

I must start being more efficient in welcoming new people to the party. I am way behind again.

This is getting to be quite a crowd. We are up to 289 people!

This morning I am welcoming fourteen new ones.

I will start with Vinchen. His blog is Vinchen Arts at He does some really neat polyclay figures and has lots of other interesting things to look at and read about there.

Susanne just sent me a comment telling me about her blog. I wonder why it doesn't show in her profile. It is Miniature Dreams at I actually went to look at the earrings she made from my tutorial a few days ago. I just didn't know that she was that Susanne... Thanks for sending it. I went to sign up as a follower on your site Susanne and for some reason it doesn't show my icon or my profile. I am going to try again and see if I can get it to work right.

Genevieve was kind enough to send me the url for her blog. Her's is Genevieve's Miniacollection at

Next is Szarka. She has three blogs and two other websites listed in her profile. The first one is Ask Szarka at From there you can get to the other sites. They seem to be jewelry oriented.

Then we have Marit at Black Cat Cottage. She is working on a really beautiful Conservatory right now. Do go look.

Next is Eli en Karina. Debbie at Tiny Treasures helped me out with her blog URL. It is called The Mouse-Mansion at Very cute and is meant to become a children's book.

Then there is Tink at Minitink. Lots of cool ideas here. Fun minis to look at.

Thanks also to Susanne, we have info about Annie from Obsidian Hall. Lots of neat stuff to look at here.

Three more with no info are Ana Evangelista, Estefania, and Jose. Come on in.

New at blogging, is Dawn. She is at In My Miniature World. I went over and signed on as her first follower. Please welcome her to the mini blog world.

We have Puno from Puno's Minis 1:12. She has been doing a lot of the enamel pots and pitchers like I first saw at Marlie's. I am going to have to do more of those too.

The newest one to join is Lori at Oh Mini of Mine.
She has some amazing 1:144 scale houses that she has done lately. Beautiful.

OK. I think that does it for today. Welcome to the party, all of you!


Debbie said...

Casey here's the link to Karina :-

I think Tessie would love to have a good poke around in

TINK - SONIA said...

Thank you very much for the warm welcome and the link.
I love your post and pictures so everyday with your precious doll.
A warm greeting from Spain, Sonia said...

Das ist aber ein netter Willkommensgruß.

Liebe Grüße


miniacollection said...

Thank you for the welcome and the welcome party. I like your tea cups and the cupcakes.
I have a blog it's I am a teacher and I have collected miniatures for many many years. Thanks to blogs I discover wonderful things and people (like you) and it makes me want to do more concerning miniatures.

Susanne said...

Thanks for the welcome, Casey, I don´t know why my blog isn´t showing, its and I am a 47 year old woman from Denmark. I hope, that you´ll like to pay my blog a visit!
I like your blog very much, lots of surprising things are always happening ;-)

Susanne said...

Hi again, the blogger on Obsidian Hall is Annie,and its on