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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Once Again!

PARTY!!!! We did. All day.....I won't go into details until tomorrow. It is 7 PM and I am finished for the day.
I will leave you with a couple of shots of the tree and surroundings. Tomorrow there will be more details.

When we pulled all of the gifts out from under the tree, I found that the three witches had set up a real feast under there. They ran out of branches on which to put things. Someone zapped the kitchen island in to hold the food and no place to put it except under the tree.

Tessie scored big time. She got a whole trunk full of spell building ingredients from Walter. I am not sure if that was wise.

He also got her a wand with a crystal ball in the end. She has been waving that thing around at everyone to see what she can do with it. Zar is not happy.....She turned him into a bunny rabbit. She turned around and grinned at her sisters and said, "See! Vast improvement!!" It took her a couple of hours to figure out how to reverse that one!

She also got a crystal ball on a stand. And from April, she got two pair of big people, leather gloves to make leather items and the gold image of King Tut that you see in the lid of the trunk. It is a tie tack. Very pretty.

She finally figured out how to put Zar back into his own skin. It's Christmas, so he forgave her. He had better watch out though. The last I saw, he was eating a hamburger and she was waving the wand at his head again.

If he even looks at her cross eyed I do believe he will be turned into an alligator or maybe a fruit bat. The later would be easier.

I may have to confiscate the wand tomorrow. I will let her have fun with it tonight.

I have to go collapse now. I have had all the fun I can stand for one day!

See you tomorrow.


Sans! said...

Haha Cassie, Zar's too cute! Goodness, all the cleaning up after that! But where's the fun if you worry about cleaning? Did you just say Walter got Tessie all that goodies? Your husband makes mini too?

Norma Bennett said...

You will need a really long rest after that party! Looks like a great time was had by all ;)

rosanna said...

Have a good night rest and you'll feel again fresh and ready to delight us with your stories. Best wishes to you all Rosanna

Debbie said...

Looks like fun was had by all, especially Tessie. How nice of Walter and April to get Tessie presents. I bet she was excited opening them.
Merry Christmas to you and yours Casey, looking forward to hearing the rest later. xxxx

MiniKat said...

Merry Christmas to everyone in the house, Casey. Hope it was wonderful.