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Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'll Show Her!!!

This week, my friend Jo sent me an early Christmas present that she created. It is an old fashioned sewing kit. It is beautifully made. I was very pleased to get it. The only problem was....Jo didn't tell me not to show it to Tessie!

As soon as Tessie saw it, she wanted it. It's not that she sews that much. It's just that it is made for a person of her size to sew with. She doesn't understand the concept of me collecting miniatures. To her they aren't miniatures.

I will give you one guess about which one of us is going to win this battle....

Does this give you a clue? Tessie grabbed it and stuffed it in one of the Christmas stockings that I made for her.

"If the shoe fits, I get it!" she said.

"Tessie, this has nothing to do with shoes!" I argued.

"OK. If the sewing kit fits in my sock, it's MINE!". Then she followed with, "Besides, you can't get your fat fingers in the scissor holes! So there!"

She doesn't fight fair. She is right. I can't get my fat fingers in the scissor holes.

Oh well. I showed her. If she won't let me have the sewing kit, I will just get a big one that she can't use! Yup. She won the battle, but I won the war.

This morning I went out and got myself an early Christmas present and it's so big that she can't use it! HA! She is green with envy.

I can hear the wheels turning in her head....."Hmmmmm, new sewing machine. Faster sewing. More clothes for me. Faster. More curtains for me. Faster. Hey! You could make me a nice, soft cushion for my Christmas tree hideout basket!"

I don't think this turned out exactly the way that I planned......

See you tomorrow.


Susan@minicrochetmad said...

That is, without a doubt, the most darling wee sewing kit I've ever seen. No wonder Tessie wanted to get her sticky fingers on it!

Just don't tell Tessie you "own" her and therefore, by association, you own all "her" pretties ;))

Michelle said...

It's a wonderful little sewing kit, what a fab present! ;o) Too bad Tessie saw it!!

Michelle :o)

rosanna said...

I love your tree, your tut and tessie's new outfit. May be leaving her on the tree top could be a good idea..2 weeks of peace for you. But less fun for us :o))) Rosanna

Caseymini said...

Susan, I think that you have that backwards. According to Tessie, she owns EVERYTHING! That includes me!LOL

Linda Carswell said...

I must admit I am like Tessie, I would LOVE to see that beautiful little sewing kit stuffed into my christmas stocking!!!
Your friend has done a marvelous job with the making of this....don't you just love 'early christmas presents'!!!


Lize said...

I think Tessie needs a sewing machine for Christmas?

And I don't blame her for 'expropriating' that little sewing kit! It is perfect!

Julie Old Crow said...

OK--the sewing kit is too darling for words, but Tessie! "If the shoe fits, I get it!" I laughed right out loud.

Julie Old crow