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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa's Little Helper.......

No....I'm not talking about Homer Simpson's dog.

Tessie is really trying to get me in the mood for Christmas and actually, she is doing a pretty good job.

I started decorating the Christmas tree about 8:00 AM this morning. It is now 11:20AM and I am finished.

After arguing with, and being tangled in the strings of lights, it was smooth going. That is, until Tessie arrived......I was hanging some Victorian ornaments that I made years ago. I had them laying in front of the quilt shop. Of course she immediately took to them because they have lots of sparkly jewelery findings on the front.

While I am at it, maybe I should do a quick tutorial. They are very easy, but look very impressive on the tree. I made this batch from some scraps of fancy upholstery fabric that I bought at a yard sale. The ribbons came from a grab bag that the fabric department used to sell once in a while. As I remember there was at least a yard of each ribbon style and there were about 10 different pieces in a bag for $2.00. Those were the good old days......

Anyway, I took cardboard(The infamous cat food dividers again.) and cut out two of a shape for each ornament. The shape could be anything. Mine were hearts and circles.

Then I simply cut out a piece of quilt batting for each piece the same size as the cardboard. I fastened that to the card with a dab of glue. Then I cut a piece of the fabric about one half inch larger all around. I laid the fabric face down on the table then the batting and the cardboard was on top. I wrapped the fabric around the edges of the card and glued it to the back. I clipped V shapes out of the edge where needed to make it all lay flat. When that dried, I glued the two pieces together, remembering to put a loop of ribbon or string between them at the top for hanging.

I ran a piece of braid or ribbon around the edge of each one. Then I tied a bow at the top of each one and glued down the tails, twisting and turning them as I went.

The last thing was to put the jewelery findings and other fancy stuff in the center. I used E-6000 for that. There you have it.

I continued hanging decorations on the tree. Tessie kept helping..... "NO! There are too many red ones in that spot! Put on some green!" I kept moving to the other side of the tree to get away from her. Round and round we went. I was getting dizzy.

Then suddenly she disappeared. I heard a wee voice from above...."I would make a lovely Christmas tree topper. I could supervise the opening of all of my presents from up here."

"Tessie, you can't possibly stay up there for two weeks...."

"Two weeks?" she asked?

I explained "A tree topper is an inanimate object for a reason. It has to stand still all of the time that the tree is decorated."

That got her down quickly. She zapped herself away.

It was very quiet for a while. I put on the finishing touches.

I heard vague noises coming from the workroom.....I tried to ignore them.

I heard rustling branches and a couple of balls rolled across the floor. I picked them up and attempted to put them back where they belonged. When I reached in to hang one of the balls, I heard, "Hey!! Watch it!"
There was Tessie cozily sitting in a batting lined basket that she had pilfered from the workroom.

She announced, "Since I can't stand still for two whole weeks, I am claiming this hole as my official Christmas hideout."

I had to admit that it was a pretty good place for her to watch the proceedings without being noticed.

I think she enjoys playing "Where's Tessie?"

You may want to poke the photo and make it bigger so that she is easier to spot.

I have to admit that she has put me in a more Christmas state of mind.

"Casey! Get me some cookies and a cup of eggnog."

Although I do believe that I am hearing tiny, demanding, voices in my head now......

See you tomorrow.


DLSarmywife said...

Casey, your tree is gorgeous and I love the ornaments your shared too. Hmm how long do you think Tessie'll stay in that basket...somehow I don't see her enjoying her 'perch' for too long. lol But maybe you'll get a little peace until she decides she's ready for something new!

beyondbaffled said...

Ah, I love the pics of Tessie in the tree! You're putting me in the mood for the holiday as well Casey!

Lize said...

Casey, by the time I 'poked' the tree photo, Tessie was not to be seen in the tree anymore! She must have zapped herself out of it and off to another place...

Norma Bennett said...

Those decorations are a very good idea :) A pity you couldn't have talked Tessie into being the tree topper, think of the bliss of not having her under your feet for two weeks! I love her little hideaway tho, I think we could all do with one of those at this busy time of year :)