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Monday, November 2, 2009

Up on the Rooftop...

I have just started working on the roof tiles, now that I have them all glued down. I found this photo in the images folder of MSN,under the heading of "slate roofs" and it is just one of about five photos that I am using as examples. It looks a bit light for slate, but slate comes in lots of different colors and I like this one. I even found one example that was streaked with a kind of pink. That one was interesting. I have several choices and I may change horses in the middle of the stream.....Remember the six year old that is doing this?

I am hacking away with an Exacto knife and sanding with an emery board. This is just one corner of the roof and I haven't gotten much further down the courses than this. Real housework is interfering with it.

Just ignore me while I amuse myself. I will show you the finished roof in a day or two.

Tessie is getting very upset with me because I am taking time on the roof. She wants me working on the shop interior.

She should know by now that I never go at anything head on. That's no fun.

Anyway, when I finish, I am hoping that the egg cartons will disappear and the slate will stay, whatever color it winds up being. The tiles around Tessie's feet are not even started yet. I think that I should take the used Exacto blade away from her. She will probably start doing it herself.

Did I mention that there was one example of a slate roof from Scotland that has a lot of interesting moss and wee plants stuck in the cracks and crevices? Yup. I liked that one too. Stay tuned to see what happens. It could be a combination of all. Who knows?

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Can't wait to see what you do next with the roof. I love looking at photos and then trying to do my own thing. My download files are stuffed with ideas!
Have a great evening. Better get that blade away from Tessie. Just seeing that in her hands makes me nervous!

Deni said...

Aw they look really good, real slate huh?lol
I find it hard to make them look like that everything I do must be flat lol
I gotta work on that!