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Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Eat More Eggs!!!"

This morning I started doing the roof on the tea shop. I have heard of people doing roofing with egg cartons. Usually I use them for stones and bricks if I use them at all. I decided to see what I could do with them, thinking that they look a lot like old slate.

I have been saving egg cartons for the past six months. I used a few on the dungeon that Tessie got stuck in a couple of times. I still had a stack about 6" high. I only save the tops. The bottoms are too curvy. I thought that would be enough for this roof because it is rather small.....Not so.

I started with the back because that was the small part and I thought that I would be looking at that a lot more working on the interior.

Here you can see I drew 3/4" lines across the roof. Then I started gluing them on, one at a time. I got that side done and it looked pretty good. I looked over at the stack of carton tops....Stack? What stack? Where did they all go?

I was only using the edges because I like the edge that you can get with those. I still had a lot of tops, but they are not as neat looking. They are just flat and if you cut them, they look cut. They look kind of manufactured.

I started the front side with what I had left. I went and dug around for a few more. I am now contemplating having eleven eggs for lunch so that I can have the top from the carton in the fridge. I came back into the workroom. Yes, I am working in there! I got the fires put out, so to speak, on Halloween. Whilst everybody else was partying, I was cleaning. Hey! It kept Tessie out of my hair.

Anyway, when I came back in, there was Tessie hanging by her toes, trying to estimate how many more cartons I would need to finish that side.

She righted herself and sat on the roof peak. She looked at me sternly and gave me the title for this entry.

Scowling at me, she growled, "Eat more eggs." Then she said, menacingly ....."NOW!"

I guess I will break for lunch. I see a lot of quiche, souffles and egg salad in my future.

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Roof is looking good! Love that photo of Tessie hanging by her "new" toes! :)
Think I'll go boil some eggs right now. Egg salad sounds yummy!

Debbie said...

The picture of Tessie hanging by her toes did make me giggle.

Julie Old Crow said...

ha! if you had thought ahead, you could have bought several dozen eggs, boiled them up, and passed them out for Halloween! Of course, the chances of the kids throwing them back at your house would have been kinda high...!

Julie Old Crow

Dlsarmywife said...

I love the look of the egg carton 'tiles' Unfortunately for eggs all come in stryofoam. :-( But I bought a new coffee pot last month and it had the egg carton material in it. I am curious to know if I can wet the material and 'smoosh' it flat? Do you know if this is possible?

Caseymini said...

I am not sure what would happen if you wet the egg cartons....Probably mush. It might be feasable to use them like paper mache if you did that though. Why not experiment? Tessie's Teahouse is pure fantasy. I am just having fun with it. Experimenting is part of the fun.

Julie, bite your tongue. I am not giving kids 7 dozen eggs to throw at me.LOL No way! No how!

The good news is, I stretched the egg carton scraps to cover the whole roof. Now all I have to do is paint and wash over the whole thing.

MiniKat said...

I agree with Debbie. Tessie hanging by her toes brought a smile to my face.

I think a quiche and some hard boiled eggs are definitely in your future. Holler if you get desperate. I think I may have some of the paper cartons in my workroom.

Btw, wetting down the egg carton scraps and throwing them into a food processor with more water makes a wonderful slurry that you can mix with glue and press into molds to make sheets of brickwork or whatever. If you happen to know someone with a retired apple press, it goes pretty fast.

Caseymini said...

Thanks for the info, Kat! I will have to try it sometime. Remind me to tell you about the time that I turned kid's surfboards into pellets in my blender. I had the first beanbag chair in Tucson!LOL And a sandblasted blender!

Deni said...

Looking good!
I have saved egg cartons for ages too I had to throw a heap out they were everywhere!
I relly like using them for shingles though, they look fantastic & cheap! thats what I really like and seeing as I live miles away from a dollhouse shop I need to use up things I would otherwise throw out