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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Signs of Tea.....

This morning I went to Michael's to spend a 40% off coupon. This is what I found. You will have to poke the photo to see it up close and more clearly. It is a set of 10 clear stamps that are all borders, measuring 1/2" or less in height! A company called "Stampology" is putting them out. There are several sets that are small enough to be used with minis. Some are borders and some are all over patterns. I can think of lots of applications for them. With the coupon they were just under 5.oo for all ten.

I just printed these right out of the package without separating them. The ink is just some gold that I happened to have on hand and the images aren't perfect. I am thinking that they would be nice for wall boarders and maybe even on furniture. Anyway, I thought that you might be interested.

I heard Tessie tossing things around in the workroom and went in to see what she was doing after I finished stamping. It seems that she has already started scavenging for things to go in the tea shop.

I pretty much ignored her until I heard her back in the tea shop. I went to look and she was coming in the door with the tiered tea stand and she was almost crumpled under the weight of a little metal tin that I had decorated with Fimo, liquid Fimo and raised stickers as an experiment.

A while ago, I got a new extractor gun and went wild with it. I was putting poly clay on anything that would hold still. This little cheapo tin came with mints in it. I threw away the mints....They tasted worse than some of Tessie's teas.

I stuck the sticker to the center of the top and then proceeded to fill in the background with snakes of clay. The teapot is a layered sticker and the pot itself sticks up further than the rest of the pot. The handle and spout is on a second raised layer and the third layer is below that. It is plain. After I covered the whole background, I put liquid Fimo on the pot itself to protect it. Then I baked it as usual. It worked pretty well.....

Tessie saw it, grabbed it and announced that I was going to have to make her a sign for the shop with the same technique.

I told her that I had no idea where the rest of the stickers were from the package. They were another Michael's find from the dollar bins.

She tilted her head back, looked down the end of her nose the way she does when someone is an annoyance and said, "Maybe you don't. I do!"

She promptly went to the cabinet where I keep the poly clay supplies and pulled out the seventh drawer down. I have the horrible feeling that she is hiding a
photographic memory and has everything that I own cataloged in her head.

Before I could blink, she was at the door of the teashop with the package.

She is now trying to decide which tea pot will go on the sign. She has a choice of four......This could take a while. The more choices, the harder for her to choose.

I personally, am not going to stand and wait for her to make up her mind. You can if you want.....

See you tomorrow.


Deni said...

the teapot tin is so cute!
Clever Idea!
mmm seeing as Tessie can remember where everything is maybe you could get her to do a list for you on the puter!
Everything you have and where it is stashed ! lol I guess that would be asking too much!!!
She could Zip Zip her wand though! wouldn't that be a treat!
I know I need that done for me! Now where did I put that landscape material! mmmmm lol

dalesdreams said...

The wall paper looks great. :)

I vote for the top or bottom teapot. ;)

Has Tessie made up her mind yet? lol

Caseymini said...

Deni, unfortunately, when I ask Tessie where something is, she suddenly wipes away all of the information stored in her brain....She is somewhat like my computer! It never remembers anything without a lot of poking and proding.LOL

MiniKat said...

What a cool idea for the sign.

I've got a good portion of fine dark brown/black sand if you need some for teabags. I've used it to make teabags a couple of times.

Caseymini said...

Thanks Kat, but I also have a goodly amount of black sand....Glad you like the sign.

Deni said...

Oh! she is too smart for her boots,hahaha thats why she doesn't have any! now I know!!!!
i know what you mean about storing thing in the puter and never finding them lol

rosanna said...

The sign is lovely and those stickers are so cute. Why don't we have anything like that over here? we do not even know who is Mary Engelbreit. First time I "met" her was on a Christmas mag from USA in 1995 but I have neve ever seen anything of hers in our shops.I hope that Tessie will choose the 3rd or 4th one... hugs Rosanna

Debbie said...

I like the bottom Teapot Tessie, I think it goes with your Wallpaper. And its the nearest colour to Puce..
The top one is nice as well, but has little Holly leaves on it, would you want that all year round? I suppose if you are really nice to Casey, she might make you a couple of signs, then you could have a change round...
Ooops sorry Casey...x

Caseymini said...

Debbie, you aren't helping at all! Tessie is reading over my shoulder and likes your idea....Bad Debbie!LOL

Deni said...

I would have thought the black floral teapot would be Tessie's choice
Which one Tessie?....mmmmm?
Oops sorry Casey!
She will prolly get on her soapbox again now!