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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Get Your Morning Paper!

I went to meet April for coffee this morning. By the time I returned, Tessie had most of the paper installed in the tearoom. She picked out some fancy paper that had a border of flowers on the top and a border of pots with flowers in them on the bottom.....What did she do? She cut both borders off because they were to girly. I now have two very pretty borders to use elsewhere. She refuses to have them in the tea shop.

Oh well. I shouldn't complain. She at least used the right glue so it's not going to fall off the walls and it didn't bubble.

I trimmed out all of the window and door holes with an Exacto blade. I didn't want her to cut a foot or her nose off. Basically, all I have to do on the inside now is the window trim and a door.

Oops! I forgot the hole in the ceiling where the stairs used to be. That is going to have to be patched and the molding around the top and bottom will have to be glued in place. I keep finding more to do..... Rats!!!

While at the witches mini meeting, I measured and marked off wood for building two shelving units for either end of the shop and a small counter. Tessie looked them over and approved.

We had a long talk yesterday, after Zar left. She will NOT be bootlegging "Scotch tea" for him. I don't want to get into trouble and she understands that she could be thrown in jail if she does it.

She has promised to sell only the original teas that she was planning......My only worry now is what those are.....At least I know that they aren't alcoholic, buy there is some question about the supply of bugs and skunk cabbage that were delivered this morning....I don't remember any tea recipes with shiny black beetles or smelly veggies in the ingredient list.

"Tessie, where are you? We need to talk about this shipment. I am not signing for it!!!" I am off on a witch hunt now!

See you tomorrow.


Sans! said...

You know Cassie, some medicinal Chinese Tea actually have bugs and yes, fermented cabbage. We make them into soups :). So as usual Tessie is not far off.

The "Yes" Glue is not sold here. When you say its the right one without bubbles, can you let me know what we should look out for when we use them on walls? You think Tiger glue works? I always have problem using the right glue.

Caseymini said...

Sans, It's good to know that Tessie knows what she is talking about with the bugs and skunk cabbage.

The "Yes" glue is basically a bookbinder's glue. It is made specifically for that use. Miniaturists and people that do cartonnage like it because of the non wrinkling quality. Maybe you can just look for Bookbinding glue. I don't know any other brand names, but it is a dark beige color and comes in a kind of hard paste form in the jar. It can be carefully thinned with water. I hope that this helps you find something similar.

Sans! said...

Bookbinders' glue. Exactly the pointer I need! Didn't know you can thin glue with water either. Thanks Casey!

Caseymini said...

Sans, as a general rule, you can only thin glues like white acrylic type glue and bookbinder's glue with water. You can't thin the ones that are clear, smelly and come in tubes like E-6000. If it washes off of your hands with water, it should be soluable, and thin with water.

Papillon Bleu said...

I don't leave comments very often but I do read your posts all the time.
Your Tessie makes me laugh all te time!
She did a very good job with the paper.Thumbs up!

Tabitha Corsica said...

This little "toss away" has become quite beautiful. Nice know Tessie can wallpaper ;-).
I used YES glue once...I only got to use it that one time because the next time I opened the jar it smelled like dirty wet sox left in a plastic bag for a week and it had green mold gowing over the top! Ew! I don't know what happened except that I must have introduced the contaminant sometime during the first use. If I use it again, I am going to take out some with a clean spoon and work with it that way.


Caseymini said...

Tabs, something weird mush have gotten into your jar. The jar that I am using now has been around for at least 5 years or more. I usually make sure that there is not a lot of liquid in the bottom from thinning the glue when I put it away, but other than that, no fuss. It also may have something to do with the climate where you live. It's very dry here to begin with, so no worries.

Lisette said...

The tea shop is always better.
The beautiful wall decoration