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Friday, November 13, 2009

Here's the Plan......

Last night I was trying to decide on some small Christmas gifts that I could whip up fairly fast. This isn't mini, but I know that Tiffany and a few others here crochet. I saw a picture of something similar to this a while ago and thought it sounded like a good idea.

I heard on the news the other night that sponges in the kitchen are a nightmare as far as germs are concerned. They recommended using dishcloths instead. I have never been happy with the square kind that you have to wad up to use and rinse about every two swipes because there are only two surfaces on them.

I worked out a pattern for this one and when I finished it, I tried it out. I am very impressed. You can work much longer just by rearranging the ruffles for a clean spot. It is tough enough to scrub off the big globs as well as the little ones. And it can be thrown into the washer if it gets icky. I may try throwing it into the dishwasher too.

It only took one ball of the Peaches and Cream cotton yarn that they sell at Walmart and other places. It took maybe an hour and a half to make.

The recipe for this one is easy. Chain five and connect. Row one: chain 3 and do 11 double crochets around the circle, for a total of 12. Connect the last stitch to the top of the chain 3 and then chain 3 to start the second row. For the second row, you simply do 3 double crochets in the same place as the chain three. Then do 4 double crochets in each stitch of the previous row. Repeat the process for the third row. For the last row, do the connect and the chain 3 and double crochet 2 in that space. Then do 3 double crochets in the top of each stitch in the previous row. Fasten off and run the tail back through the top of a few stitches and cut it off.

You can't really make a mistake. Don't be afraid that there are too many stitches. That's what makes the ruffles.

Tessie likes it. She says that when it is dry it makes a comfy place to sit.

I fear that there is not progress on minis at all today. This morning I stashed the Clockwork Cottage and Tessie's Teashop in the workroom. We are having someone in later today and I don't want them to think that I live in a hovel.

I sat up the sewing machine on the Clockwork Cottage's table. That doesn't look nearly as messy and I can get a head start on some sewing that I want to do for Christmas also.

Tessie took up a post on top of one end of the machine where she could watch. She kept asking what I was going to make for her. I left to get a bottle of water and Zar came in, in a huff. He wasn't happy that the cottage was no longer on the table where it should be. He sees it as another step away from finishing the cottage.....

I don't think he is right, but just in case he is, I stayed out of the way.

Tessie jumped down and was trying to placate him.

Then I saw the light go on over his head. He leaned close to Tessie and said, "OK...Here's the plan.....You distract her(meaning me) and I will start taking this infernal machine apart. It looks like there would be a lot of good, usable metal parts in it for my time machine."

I had heard enough. I went back in and told him, "If you dare touch the machine I will never again set foot in the Clockwork Cottage and you will have to finish it yourself....

Needless to say, he took his adjustable wrench and went slinking back to the cottage.

As soon as he left Tessie looked at me and said, "Wow! That was harsh.....Now what are you going to make for me first? I need curtains and tablecloths for the teashop. Oh and lots and lots of napkins and towels and you could crochet me some of those washing, ruffley, thingies.... Really tiny ones....."

I think that I was better off working for Zar.

See you tomorrow.


Tabitha Corsica said...

I think I am going to pass your dishwashing "ruffly thing" pattern on to my mother. She loves to pass the time making these kinds of things and then gives them to her friends. Usually she just makes round or square one. These will be neat cuz they're different.

Caseymini said...

Tabs, that's what it's there for. I forgot to add that at the end I chained 10 for a hanging loop. I hung it over the end of the faucet after rinsing well.

Caseymini said...

I just lost another one! I pushed Publish on Deni's comment and it disappeared. I wonder where they go when that happens....Deni, I am so sorry that blogger did that to your comment. If you want to repeat yourself, I will try again.

MiniKat said...

I may make a few of those for myself. Thanks for the pattern, Casey. :-)

Eliza said...

Clever idea! I don't crochet, but I'd be trying this for sure if I did.

Tiffany said...

Hey Casey, that's a really nifty scrubbie thing. I have quite a bit of left over Lily cotton yarn, so after I'm done with all the wreaths I think I'll give it a try. Then again, it might make a neat gift addition for a couple of people. . . Hmmmm. I'll think about that. Thanks for the pattern!

Caseymini said...

One thing about the washy thingies. They take a long time to dry, so do put the loop on them so that you can hang them up on the faucet.