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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It Had To Happen......

Sooner or later Zar had to leave his inner sanctum and find out where everybody(I) was hiding.

When he showed up, I had just finished putting the first coat of glaze and paint on the shingles....Tessie was placidly sitting in the loft watching. For once she had a smile on her face. She was getting her way. I was working on her tearoom. This week she is calling it a tearoom because that sounds classier than Tessie's Teashop. Who knows what it will be called next. At least both of those are better than Tessie's Tease. I, at least, have her talked out of that.

He looked up at her and said....."OK, why isn't anybody working on the Clockwork Cottage?"

She smiled sweetly, and knowing that he couldn't reach her, replied,"This is ever so much more important. People need their tea."

I went on working. I tried to ignore them both. I knew that the quiet wouldn't last long. I was right.
I heard Tessie say, "Let me show you around, Balthazar."( When she uses his full name she is politely trying to keep out of trouble and his reach.

Tessie came through the front door in a hurry with Zar's outstretched hands reaching for her throat. He missed.

She managed to stay out of his way and showed him the pargeting on the front and the new roof.

Trying to placate him, she said."Now Balthazar. If you want any tea of any special kind, I will be happy to order it for you. Let's see.....Isn't it the blended Scotch teas that you like best. I have heard you mention Cutty Sark and Johnnie Walker. Those are strange names for tea, but if you will tell me where to get them, I will be sure to have them in stock."

I have the feeling that Tessie is going into bootlegging on the side. Anything to keep Zar out of her hair.

Tessie is amazing. He was suddenly very happy to hear that she would be stocking his favorite "tea". So much so that he agreed to help her show off the pargeting on the end of the house!

Tessie zapped herself onto Zar's shoulders and then started pointing out all of the details and describing what he wasn't seeing....His mind was obviously still on tea.....

The last I heard, after Tessie got her feet on the ground once more was Zar asking,"And how soon will the special order of Scottish tea be arriving?".

Things are back to normal. Tessie always lands on her own two feet......and ready to run, once Zar figures out what just transpired.
See you tomorrow.

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